Apple’s MacBook Pro sure is cool, but, wow, it’s hot!

“Like any self-respecting techie, I did not read the users manual before unpacking my new MacBook Pro, setting it directly on my lap, turning it on and immediately taking dozens of pictures of myself using the built-in camera and distorting the images with several of the Photo Booth effects, and then assembling them into a hilarious story line using Comic Life. While I busily e-mailed my new comic strip to everyone in my address book, I noticed something that smelled like bacon wafting from my laptop,” Gabriella Papic writes for Salon. “At first, I thought those guys at Apple were geniuses for making the built-in DVD burner smell like my favorite low-carb treat. Then I felt a stinging in my thigh muscles, although stinging isn’t quite the word I’m looking for to describe the burning sensation. It was more of a scalding, or a scorching, that felt worse than a rug burn but not as bad as, let’s say, reentry heat.”

“I considered calling Apple customer support, but I was already absorbed in making an iMovie from last year’s vacation footage. So I checked the users guide to see if something was up with the fan malfunctioning. The appendix directed me to Page 107, which contained a statement so shocking that I immediately posted it on my blog space I had just created using .Mac. The statement said: ‘Do not leave the bottom of your MacBook Pro in contact with your lap or any surface of your body for extended periods. Prolonged contact with your body could cause discomfort and potentially a burn.’ An important statement like that should be brought to the user’s attention a bit earlier than Page 107. Being etched on the cover of the laptop in raised neon lettering would be more appropriate. But I could see how that would mess with the sleek, spacecrafty design. So I forgave Apple for this oversight and decided to come up with a few accessories that address the heat issue in a very creative and Mac-like way,” Papic writes. “My list is broken into three sections: first aid, food and other.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Bob A.” for the heads up.]

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  1. Apple realy needs to deal with this issue. I can rest my Thinkpad T43 on my lap for hours, and while it certainly is warm, it never approaches scalding.

    This is a damaging review.

  2. yeah, I had the same reaction. So I cracked open my 15″, week 12 MBP and redid the thermal paste. Now it does get warm but just barely.

    I almost shit a brick when the guy at Apple told me that they were called “notebooks” (doing the quote thingy with his fingers) and not “laptops” for a reason.

    At any rate, I did it and I’m glad.

  3. My 15″ MacBook was toasty warm, so last week the dealer replaced my logic board. Now the fans run continually. It isn’t hot anymore but battery life has suffered and the fans are so annoying. It was dropped of at the dealer again this morning for another logic board replacement, let’s hope this one let’s the fans cut in once and awhile to keep the heat down. But they sure do run hot.

  4. C’Mon, Andy … level-headed had an opinion, and stated it. He just had to keep that moronic first post really short to get the cred for it. Cred in his own mind, at least.

    That heat thing is a bit of a worry. One of the concepts behind multi-core designs is more power with less energy consumption – less energy consumption meaning less heat production. I’d think someone might have thought to put some of that saved energy into turning the fans on a little earlier to reduce the chance of such unpleasantness.

    That’s what’s known as “over-sharing” … it is NOT a Good Thing and may be one of the reasons you can’t get a date.

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