Red Apple iPod, new MacBook to debut next Tuesday?

“Will next Tuesday, 16 May see the debut of the much-touted red iPod? Let’s string together a series of coincidences and see if it will. We’ve no evidence – think of the exercise as a thought experiment. Apple was rumoured to announce its new Intel-based MacBook this week, on Tuesday. A variety of sources say the launch will now take place next Tuesday… Other sources have claimed that the announcement will be accompanied by new iPods, even though it’s much less than a year since the 5G iPod and the Nano were launched. Rumour-mongers have also suggested the MacBooks may be available in different colours,” Tony Smith reports for The Register.

“The conclusion that a red iPod is in the works was first drawn after U2 singer Bono suggested it in off-the-cuff remarks about his Product Red charity, a scheme that calls on famous brands to offer red versions of their products in order to publicise the African AIDS crisis. Next Tuesday, the day Apple is said to be announcing new, coloured MacBooks and iPods, Bono will be guest-editing a major UK newspaper the Independent, which is going red to mark the occasion,” Smith reports.

Full article here.

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  1. andy,

    I think the new Powermac will be completely redesigned.
    It doesn’t have to be quite so big now and anyway a design change is due.

    I’m really looking forward to the new Powermac, which, unfortunately, will probably be called the ‘Mac pro’.

  2. What about a purple one for the catholics! A green one for the Irish! Or a combo there as most are catholics anyway.

    And a orange one for the Dutch! and a pink one for the gays and girls, and a cam one for the troops and a …………

    Bring them on, we will love them no matter what the colour.

    Apple rocks…….


  3. It seems to me using a venu like a new store opening to usher in new prodocts is marketing genius. what a way to draw massive attention from the press and blogoshpher with every new store opening! Even if it’s just little anouncments from time to time like a speed bump or even new software udate, it would place all eyes on the new store, get many more people to attend making a longer line, great for sales/press kit shots, all in all a win win as far as I can see. Whats your opinion MDN? =)

  4. I predict…

    – A new iBook (called MacBook) this year.
    – A new iPod by next year.
    – An earthquake in California.
    – Michael Jackson will make the news again.
    – The TV news will over-hype terrorism because it was a slow news day.
    – A group of politicians will over-hype terrorism because they are completely incapable of any independent thought or original idea.
    – A group of politicians will ignore the 1,000 deaths DAILY from smoking because the tobacco industry gives them more money than the terrorists do.
    – IT department heads will continue to cling onto the MS Windows platform with their last breath like rats on a sinking ship because whatever intelligence it takes to troubleshoot Windows has nothing to do with recognizing Mac myths from facts.

    It really doesn’t take a fortune teller or an “industry analyst” to figure these things out.

  5. OMG Tom Cruise cracks me up, ever since he put the Porsche 928 in the water that time. Good times. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”cheese” style=”border:0;” />

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