Red Apple iPod, new MacBook to debut next Tuesday?

“Will next Tuesday, 16 May see the debut of the much-touted red iPod? Let’s string together a series of coincidences and see if it will. We’ve no evidence – think of the exercise as a thought experiment. Apple was rumoured to announce its new Intel-based MacBook this week, on Tuesday. A variety of sources say the launch will now take place next Tuesday… Other sources have claimed that the announcement will be accompanied by new iPods, even though it’s much less than a year since the 5G iPod and the Nano were launched. Rumour-mongers have also suggested the MacBooks may be available in different colours,” Tony Smith reports for The Register.

“The conclusion that a red iPod is in the works was first drawn after U2 singer Bono suggested it in off-the-cuff remarks about his Product Red charity, a scheme that calls on famous brands to offer red versions of their products in order to publicise the African AIDS crisis. Next Tuesday, the day Apple is said to be announcing new, coloured MacBooks and iPods, Bono will be guest-editing a major UK newspaper the Independent, which is going red to mark the occasion,” Smith reports.

Full article here.

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  1. Take a look at Appleinsider.

    There’s going to be a special ‘briefing’ for analysts and media on Thursday.
    That’s probably when all the goodies are going to be announced.

  2. I hear Bono is peace-loving liberal. He thinks AIDS should be cured instead of being used as Gods tool to destroy all the sinners.

    What is wrong with humans that makes us watch dispassionately while other humans die? Why do so few work so hard to make peace?

  3. woo more cool stuff, that i cant afford and dont really need hhmmm, let me know when the new powermac, photoshop and maya are out, thats when ill be able to go intel.

  4. Let’s not forget a pink one for breast cancer (can I say breast), a green one for the environment, yellow to support our troops, maybe a blue one for the Democrats. Or better yet, go buy a Zen, they already come in multiple colors, don’t they? What’s that you say? Nobody buys Zens. Exactly.

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