Samsung steals Apple’s graphic design for handset GUI

“Samsung Electronics said on Sunday it has changed the graphic designs used in its latest handset model ‘Skin,’ after it was found to have copied Apple and Microsoft artwork,”Cho Jin-seo reports for The Korea Times. “The electronics giant admitted plagiarizing designs of the handset’s graphic user interface. Many graphic designers and other Internet users on various Web communities such as over the last two weeks have accused the firm of stealing the designs.”

“‘There were a few mistakes while we were developing the new product,’ Chung Kook-hyun, chief of Samsung’s corporate design center, told The Korea Times by phone. ‘We have already fixed the designs and I believe that the old models are not being sold in the market anymore.’ Chung said he did not identify how or by whom the copied icons were put into the new cell phone. Samsung said that it recalled the Skin phones from retailers nationally, and users who already purchased the phone can update the graphic menu by downloading software via the company homepage,” Cho Jin-seo reports.

Full article with side-by-side comparisons of the icons here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Yuli” for the heads up.]

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  1. why would anyone want to steal UI creative from Microsoft? If you’re gonna steal, steal from someone who does it right.

    (this by no means condone the act of stealing intellectual property)

  2. ‘There were a few mistakes while we were developing the new product,’

    Translation from Samsungese:

    “We were a little too obvious in our theft while we were stealing ideas for our latest product.”

    Samsung are so amazingly bereft of any ideas short of “Make a copy, cheaper, and sell a lot of them” it is sickening.

  3. I generally feel that these things are a bit silly, and the furor over “stealing” Sherlock’s “magnifying glass” IS Just Silly! The design of the background? the document? the stickies? the chat? It isn’t silly to complain about these being ‘stolen’ … they were quite precisely copied, detail for detail – OK, they changed the color of the background, BFD. They could easily have “been inspired by” the originals and come up with ” something like …” without actually copying them. A couple hours with a graphics design program and all would have been “deniable”.

    If Richard Nixon and the Watergate affair taught me anything it was the value of “plausible denyability”. You might still get ‘caught’ and forced to ‘remedy’ the situation but you are likely to avoid penalties and the like.

    That’s the difference between “criminal” and “stupidly criminal”.

  4. “Samsung also copied other icons from Microsoft, such as a pile of three yellow sticky notes, and blue and green, round-shaped men that represent MSN Messenger.”

    The sticky notes are not from Microsoft, I stole them from Apple.
    They can’t even get that right.

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