RUMOR: Thinner iBook replacement ‘MacBook’ to debut tomorrow in choice of black or white

“Additional sources have confirmed the MacBook’s announcement this Tuesday. Further, sources report that the MacBook will be thinner than current iBooks, will be available in both black and white configurations, and will likely cost slightly more than previous iBook models—not unlike the price increase Apple’s Mac mini saw with its transition to Intel processors,” Think Secret briefly mentions.

In addition, Think Secret reports that 17-inch MacBook Pro units will hit users’ hot little hands this week and we can confirm that tracking reports of our 17-inch MacBook Pro order and several other MacDailyNews readers’ all show delivery dates of May 10th.

Full article here.

[UPDATE: 5/8, 1:30pm: Added the apostrophe.]

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  1. the change to intel should not increase mac prices, they get slammed for being ‘expensive’ all the time and this doesnt help, the mini had potential and then they priced it out of the market without a low low end model like previously. plus i thought intel were cheaper than ibm chips and that apple got a speacial pre-release and price because of the muilti-core technology they helped provide from aim?

  2. “plus i thought intel were cheaper than ibm chips and that apple got a speacial pre-release and price because of the muilti-core technology they helped provide from aim?”

    That’s why you take rumors and rumblings with a grain of salt.

  3. Frank,
    The Integrated Graphics we saw in the mini were not there just to save space, they are key to low cost. If you really need great graphics in a laptop you need to open your wallet a lot wider – or, at least enough to max out the memory. The graphics card in this iBook G4 (what I’m typing on now) may be no great shakes but has never failed to meet my needs.

    Don’t 🙁 , Be ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” /> – that you’ll be getting a little extra screen real estate to reduce side-scrolling.

  4. I too will miss the aluminum 12″ powerbook, it has served me well. However, I’m sure the 13″ widescreen iBook will be just as portable, yet more powerful, so I don’t think there’s any real reason to feel too bad about it.

    And now, finally, thanks to BootCamp, when my Dell Latitude goes back in a couple months, my company will get me an iBook!!

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