Griffin invites Mac OS X Tiger users to try Proxi beta

“We are hard at work on a new application designed to give you a greater degree of control over not just your Griffin peripherals, but many of the most popular applications and features of Mac OS X,” Griffin Technlogy’s website explains. “The software is called Proxi and it’s designed to let you configure all of your Griffin devices in one easy to use interface. Not only that, but Proxi allows you to define custom hot keys, monitor Mail, iChat, and RSS feeds, execute a repeating task, and much more.”

The Proxi beta is now open to the public. Proxi is compatible with any Macintosh running Mac OS X 10.4 or later.

More info, screenshots, and download link for the latest release (Proxi v0.19) here.

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  1. The connection to animator is not coincidental. Griffin is smart to exploit the potential that Automator has demonstrated. Apple uswers get an interesting app, Griffin gets more $, Apple gets a stronger developer. Good stuff.

    If Apple was the best at everything, people will turn away. Sometimes, if they have a unique idea, they use it to prime the pump to get others moving.

    Griffin has grown big time with the iPod. Good for them– apparently, they’re not dumb and know that making a Mac look good makes them look good, too.

  2. Griffin has been making Mac accessories for about 13 years. They used to make a handy little adapter with about 8 DIP switches on it called the Mac Sync Adapter. It allowed you to connect virtually any monitor to any Mac (back when the connections and signals were very proprietary). You could change the signal sync around to different pins. Force the Mac to display certain resolutiona and sync rates for multisync monitors, etc. Very cool little device. When I worked at Shreve Systems we sold them in bucket loads.

  3. Thorin,
    I bought one of those directly from Griffin. I loved it. It allowed me to use virtually any monitor with a Mac.

    Back then you could call Griffin (even late into the evening their time) and get hold of the engineer that actually designed the device. He’d even politely walk you through some undocumented aspects of the device so you could do some truly cool stuff with it.

    I have not bought much Griffin stuff as of late, but they were a *great* company to work with in the old days. I hope they are still the same.

  4. You’re forgetting the coolest Griffin gadget of all, the Power Mate, the glowing blue jog shuttle…it’s so damned useful in so many apps.

    If you do ANYTHING in iMovie or GarageBand more than casually, get one, it makes life a lot easier.

    I also have one of the Griffin adapters for my (back then) gargantuan 21″ monitor with separate BNC inputs.

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