Microsoft Windows Vista Beta running on Apple Intel-based Mac

“A few weeks ago we launched our tongue-in-cheek contest to dual boot Windows Vista on an Intel Mac… but little did we know Apple was planning on dropping the Boot Camp news a few days later,” OSx86 Project reports. “Nevertheless, Vista has proved a challenge even with Boot Camp, so we were fairly excited when AirmanPika let us know about his success with installing and booting Vista. Although several people have gotten the installer to work, AirmanPika is one of the first to get Vista up and running – and the first we’re aware of to give some screenshots. The installation isn’t without its glitches yet – and you have to delete your OS X partition – but it’s a start.”

Full article along with links to screenshots here.

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  1. Why does everyone seem so excited about running Windows on a Mac? I know it’s convenient to have both on one system, but this isn’t the greatest thing since sliced bread, it’s a load of cow dung that should be handled as such.

  2. Delete OS X partition? For me that totally kills the fun. You could just buy some generic hardware similar to the imac and get it to run vista. I want to get them running on the same machine because I know that neither apple nor MS wants me to. The hacker movement is about getting what you want even if its not what the manufacturer had in mind.

  3. Enter stage left MacDude:

    “You will all be running Vista, OS X is dead, Bill Gates for President, Steve Ballmer for Defense, TCP will own everything blah blah blah…”

    (gets booed off stage, then raptuous applause for Steve ‘Monkey Boy’ Ballmer and his sweaty palm routine).

  4. Thanks RS, I forgot about that. If you have to get rid of OS X to install Windows, than it’s not worth it

    It’s been dual-booted.

    No need to erase OS X.

    Check digg.. this is old news.. Just to show that MS has been trying to ‘screw’ Apple (and WIn users) by not getting with EFI

    And that didnt work..

  5. Oh Good!

    Now I can convert my 1500 Mac computer lab to the industry standard Windows Vista.

    I’ll have job security for the rest of my life!

    New staff, sexy new secretary, new car, bonuses…


  6. You know guys, you all critizied MacDude, but he’s been absolutely right.

    “You will all be running Vista…”

    is not a unreasonable assesment of the future situation, after all I find it incredibly hard to beleive that once a Mac user gets up to speed on OS X that he or she wouldn’t install Vista to get the advantage of all the software.

    Eventually instead of booting OS X , people will be booting more and more into Vista. People will get used to it, it will be much more secure than before.

    Maybe that’s why “Boot Camp” is called “Boot Camp”

    It’s Apple’s way of telling us the end is near for OS X.

    It’s going to be a brave new Vista world next year. Either be part of it, or be left behind.

  7. Morty, you’re a short sighted dork!

    I’ve been MS free for three years. Zero MS products here and I’m managing a half million dollars of AV installation projects just fine without any of that dog shit crapware on any of my Macs.

    I don’t play games. I don’t do Office. I don’t NEED anything MS!

    MS is the virus!

  8. it will be much more secure than before

    That wouldn’t take much.

    Besides, have you seen the final, release-version Vista, or are just blowing out your ass?

    Nobody knows what the final Vista will be like. Not even MS.

    The MS faithful are like fanboys of a dying car company: “Yes the current product line stinks, but you just watch! The new models will be out hopefully soon and we just know everybody will want one!”. Yawn.

    When your brave new world dawns and Vista ships, let us know. For the rest of us Mac OS X is here today. Talk about being left behind…

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