Apple CEO Steve Jobs postpones Bangalore visit until September

Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Computer has postponed his first official visit to Bangalore, India that was originally scheduled for April to September 2006. Recruiting for the Apple’s “R&D center” and technical support facility are currently ongoing. Jobs is said to want Apple’s “R&D center” in Bangalore to be functional visiting the facilities, according to a report from CyberMedia News.

Apple has plans to hire approximately 3,000 people in India by 2007.

MacDailyNews Note: “R&D center” is CyberMedia News’ term, not ours. It is our understanding that the Bangalore project is a “technical support facility” and have not heard of any “R&D center” component outside of this CyberMedia News report.

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  1. Yeah, i’ve read (a couple weeks ago) it is supposed to be both R&D and Technical Support. The “R&D” is most likely software (perhaps firmware). Could be for new consumer products.

    For what it’s worth: Apple used to develop some of its software in Singapore (did this while i was working at Apple circa the late 80’s early 90’s). The Singapore R&D was mostly related to manufacturing (ROM’s) and diagnostic code, not end-user products, per se.

  2. I just hope when I call for Apple’s technical support that I dont get connected to India with someone speaking lame english of which i wont understand just so Apple can cut some costs. It wont be the only thing they’ll be cutting.

  3. I live in Mumbai which is not too far from Bangalore.

    I just wish they would open an apple store here, or do something to bring us cheaper macs! The prices here are ridiculous. You can get a mac officially through a reseller but at a 25%-30% premium. The only other option is to buy it from a shady greymarkey dealer, but thats without a box and some funky stains on it!

    India is a tremendous market for apple. Especially if they were to release an Indian iTunes music store. Bollywood is a crazy industry here, and iPods are popping up everywhere.

    I’ve managed to convert a couple of people here to macs, but if it was more affordable or at the same retail price like everywhere else, i’m sure it would take off.

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