RUMOR: Apple adding finishing touches to Bluetooth iPod

“Apple had a strangely quiet 30th birthday over the weekend, but it hasn’t been staying in and watching Pixar films – according to a UK retailer we’ve been speaking to, it’s been adding the finishing touches to a Bluetooth iPod,” Mark Wilson writes for Stuff Magazine. “Rumours of a ‘Pod with the wireless tech built-in reached fever pitch in February 2005, but it looks like the jukebox is finally ready to appear in the Apple store, along with a deluge of accessories.”

“Chief among these would likely be a pair of Bluetooth headphones… There are also some potentially nefarious uses that’d explain why the concept’s been so long in the making. You could transfer tunes wirelessly between iPods or, even better, create a personal radio broadcast that people sitting near you on the bus could tune into,” Wilson writes. “One thing a Bluetooth iPod 1.0 probably won’t include is ultrawideband, the new super-fast, video-streaming version of the wireless tech that could in future let you stream films to TVs around the home from your little jukebox.”

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  1. Sounds more plausible than the rumored “REAL iPod VIDEO.” I just don’t believe they will change the form factor to a full touch screen quite yet..

    It also explains why retailers have been notified that the current 60 gig will be discontinued while the 30 gig remains…. The high end model will most likely include bluetooth.

  2. The only thing that worries me is how easily you would be able to lose the wireless headphones (hopefull they don’t change). Unless that Headphone holder (There’s a link to Apple’s patent and pics, but I don’t have it.) is used. Still, you would still be able to lose the holder, too……

    Now that I;m thinking about it, they woule have to change the design because if they fell out of your ears for one reason or another, it would be bad if they fell on the floor, and somehting happened to them or you lose them, so I guess they’d have to redo the headphone thing- I’ll miss those white buds though

  3. headphones big enough to put a battery in? no thanks. bluetooth is cool and all but I would never walk around like those dudes with the bluetooth headsets for there phones. File trans… tooooo slowwww. Mabye for other stuff I guess.

  4. Yup, and the BT will also scratch your back and massage you at a push of a button. Who the heck needs BT in headphones. This is totally stupid!

    Apple, make a PDA phone, PLEEEAASE! I’ll take BT in that!

    story as in Apple PDA phone will make a big story (and sales)

  5. “The only thing that worries me is how easily you would be able to lose the wireless headphones”

    Why is this a concern? You can lose your cell phone, your Nano, your car keys, just as easily as a pair of bluetooth headphones. What you really are talking about is wanting some assurance that nothing bad in life will ever happen. It’s just not Apple’s problem if people don’t take care of their personal belongings.

    Of course someone will figure out a way to sue them for losing them since no one wants to take responsibility for any of their own behavior.

  6. “You could transfer tunes wirelessly between iPods”

    Yeah sure… Don’t think the Record Label are going to like this feature. This sounds like sh*t.

    MW: Play. Your tunes ain’t gonna play long with bluetooth.

  7. We get talk of an iPod dock in the mini but we got the Boombox with dock instead, and none in the mini. It always seems that what we hear is only partly right, either via Chinese whispers or deliberate mis-information. I wonder if this will be the case here too.

  8. CandTsmac? BT 2 file transfer is 2.1 Mbps, that’s faster than most cable or DSL services, so it’s hardly slow. Somehow, I doubt anyone would put BT in a current device using the ancient BT 1.0 standard.
    BT 2/EDR rocks!

  9. While BlueTooth headphones are a reality, I don’t think that Apple will be getting too excited about catering for them. It involves a lot of trouble and expense, merely to eliminate a few feet of wire between your pocket and your ears.

    The killer application for a BlueTooth iPod is in-car audio. If a car radio has an appropriate BlueTooth interface, it will wirelessly handle data and audio from cellphones, satellite navigation systems and entertainment devices.

    Unlike FM transmitters, which are of limited value and are illegal in many countries, BlueTooth is internationally useable and already widely used. The big difference between FM transmitters and a BlueTooth system is that you get good quality two-way operation. The audio system plays your tunes, the existing steering wheel controls will operate the iPod and the car radio display can show you the tracks that you’re playing.

    More and more car manufacturers are adopting BlueTooth systems, so it will become universally available very rapidly.

    Once it takes off, you will also see home stereo systems offering similar features.

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