You might be an Apple fanatic if…

“They tattoo Apple’s logo on their arm. They help sell Apple products, even though they’re not paid to. One couple met at the Macworld Expo conference, got engaged and were married there,” Ellen Lee writes for The San Francisco Chronicle. “Apple customers are a loyal bunch. Though they’re only a small percentage of all computer users, they make up for it with their passion and outspokenness. In Apple’s 30 years of business, they have formed a tight-knit, unique community. ‘They’re probably the largest subculture’ among computer groupies, said Leander Kahney, managing editor at Wired News, who has tracked these quirks and more in his books ‘The Cult of Mac’ and ‘The Cult of iPod.’ ‘They definitely have distinct traits and rituals and rites of passage.'”

“It’s right there in the numbers: 50 percent of Apple customers plan to buy another Apple computer, a far greater percentage than for any other personal computer, according to MetaFacts,” Lee writes. “So, here on the 30th anniversary of the company’s founding, how do you know if you’re hooked on Apple?”

Apple users are more likely than PC users to:
• Have a higher household income
• Have received a graduate degree
• Be self-employed
• Live in California, Massachusetts or New York
• Live in big cities such as San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York
(Source: MetaFacts)

Lees’ checklist “you might be an Apple fanatic if…” in the full article here.

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  1. MacDude’s postings are becoming more and more like those exaggerated fantasies of Christmas form letters you get from people you never really liked but were forced to spend time with years ago. You know the sort: “everything I do is so much cooler and more important than anything everybody else does, because I know more, have more, do more than they ever can, etc. etc.” Pass the vomit bag…

  2. Been a Mac user since my first used PowerBook 520 bought in 1998 right up to my 12″ iBook G4 in 2004. Then I switched.

    Got tired of waiting for an affordable large screen laptop. I purchased a 15.4″ HP pavillion dv5200 with 3000+ Athlon 64 processor, 60GB drive 64 MB dedicated Nvidia GeForce 440 video, USB, FW, etc. picked it all up for $700 Cdn (about $600 US). Was it ever a steal!!

    Did I mention though that afterwards I’ve had to buy Adobe Photoshop Elements ($100 US), Norton Systemworks (w/anti-virus) ($100 US approx.) just to make it “similar” to my iBook in features. Next I was thinking of picking up Pinnacle Studio for video editing (another $100 approx.) but I’m having second thoughts … why you ask?

    Because my year old iBook runs circles around this HP!!! As you add software to Windows it sloooowwwwss dooooowwwwnnnn!!

    Sure I’ve got the screen but the laptop is heavy as hell!! The power brick alone is half as heavy as my iBook.

    My only question to Apple is … why do I have to spend over $2000 Cdn to get a decent wide screen laptop? Screens just aren’t that expensive anymore!!

    My 2 cents … damn missing keycap characters 🙁

  3. I’ve noticed Apple fanatics also have other traits:

    – generally very anal
    – poor debaters
    – unreasonable, although they think they are
    – not really funny, although they think they are
    – snobby (snotty too depending on location and time of day)
    – bratty when on the internet, often resorting to name-calling when pressed to defend their comments

    ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

    The regular-types look, sound, and smell pretty much like the standard computer user.

  4. MPC Guy:

    You need to get out more. Also, I believe that you omitted “True thinkers avoid conspicuous generalizations, blatant stereotypes, and narrow-minded bigotry; and have the capacity to admit their own mistakes and are willing to make corrections.”

  5. Whenever a person states a Mac preference, compliments Apple, expresses a dislike of Windows, or chides Microsoft, they are too often labeled a “fanatic”.

    I think some people feel irrationally uncomfortable with individuals who are quite content refusing to accept the ordinary and the routine as the de facto standard.

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