Nudge accomplished: liberal blogger switches from Windows to Mac

Last Thursday, we covered the story of liberal political blogger Josh Marshall who was teetering on the edge of switching from Windows to Mac and called for some email “nudges” from MacDailyNews readers to help the process along. We don’t know for sure if your email messages helped him make his decision, but the goal has been accomplished, as Marshall writes in his blog:

So, my own predictions notwithstanding, this weekend, I took the plunge. I went out and bought my first Mac.

I am, it turns out, afflicted with a severe characterological disorder which prevents me from ever reading directions for any new product I purchase but rather forces me to stumble around by trial and error until I figure out how the new thing works. No pity please, I’ve had the condition since childhood. But that did create a few grumbly moments as I tried to figure out how to do some elementary task. At first at least, not having the right mouse key was something like learning to ride a bike.

Within about a day though I felt like I’d gotten my sea legs. And so far I have to say that I’m really pleased with the decision.

Marhsall’s blog, “Talking Points Memo,” is here.

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  1. Dude – lose the liberal in the title of this post – we know you’re a wingnut but, can’t we all just agree to love Macs and leave the snide stuff aside? I’m proud to be a liberal, but it has no place in this posting – it’s akin to saying “Black” Blogger Switches – insert any other irrelevant descriptor.

    For quite some time I have read MDN every day – I also read TPM every day. Being a macaddict doesn’t require party membership!

    Dave the liberal macaddict.

  2. The first thing any new Mac user must do is forget what they’ve “learned” with windows and commit to spending a week or so learning the mac way of doing things. I’ve just been speaking to someone in my office who is buying a new hp pc, I suggested a mac and he immediately said they were crap, I asked him what he was basing that on, he replied that he’d spent a few minutes on his neighbours machine. His primary complaint was that it worked differently than windows – I pointed out that he has in the past complained about windows and that the mac working differently is exactly the point, if it worked the same why would they even bother developing it? Sigh.

  3. And yet he cannot say or figure out what is so great about a Mac and what was so bad about his PC that made him switch…

    Next he will take the plunge and buy a Ford.
    Or buy a Sony TV.
    Or switch to Jocky briefs instead of boxers.
    Or perhaps go to Carl´s Jr. for his hamburger instead of Burger King.


  4. Tommy “And yet he cannot say or figure out what is so great about a Mac and what was so bad about his PC that made him switch…”

    Of course he can’t…yet. With switchers it’s always the same. They struggle for a couple of weeks trying to force the Mac to be Windows, then once the penny drops that it’s not, they play for a couple of weeks. Then they start to find out how it’s different and a fortnight later they start raving gleefully.

    Go back to his blog in a month’s time to find out the real verdict.

  5. “A study by the World Health Organisation found that natural blonds are likely to be extinct within 200 years because there are too few people carrying the blond gene. According to the WHO study, the last natural blond is likely to be born in Finland during 2202.”,,2087-2058688,00.html

    Thank God that Microsoft users will extinct much faster.

    It is much fun to be part of a minority.
    = Blond, left handed, gay, blue eyed, Finnish speaking, Apple user

  6. Most of what we do is instinct or simply learned repetitive behaviour, its just that our intellect refuses to accept that simple fact. And yet, someone on here can’t imagine how someone could possibly prefer something without fully understanding why, and be capable of thereafter pontificating upon it ad infinitum. As is the case so often, it is the unenlightened who thinks others are the fools. Such people tend to invent a prejudice and then search for reasons to back it up. Shame.

  7. The loss of the allele for blond hair is even more likely to occur if only homosexuals carry this allele, like our proud Finnish faggot. For those of you unaware of the physiology of human reproduction, it is a biological fact that homosexuals cannot pass their DNA to subsequent generations through the process of copulation. However, male homosexual “fathers” will no doubt petition governments to fund cloning to perpetuate the allele using lesbian “mothers”. Opposition to this funding will be labeled “homophobic” and calls for blond male homosexuals to fertilize blond female homosexuals will be labeled “unnatural”.

  8. This hole story is such a bunch of garbag. Just another pathtic mac PR stunt to justifi there under 2% market shair. Its just a stopid blog for christ sake. What happen to real news? Oh I forgot its a mac FAN sight. An another thing that new mac speaker really sucks and its not worth $50. I bought one for a frend but it sounded so bad he gave it bak.

  9. He’ll be glad he made the switch. I just switched 3 PC users to Mac and they all have enjoyed their new found computer experience thus far. They all agree that they get more work done ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

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