Microsoft to offer six versions of Windows Vista

“Microsoft Corp. plans six core offerings of its upcoming Windows Vista operating system, targeting how people use computers instead of PC hardware specifications, the company said Monday,” Reuters reports. “The world’s largest software maker plans three offerings aimed at consumers, two at business users and a stripped-down edition for emerging markets… The company, which accidentally posted some details of the Vista product lineup on one of its Web sites earlier in the month, has promised that Vista will feature improved security, simplified search across the desktop and a cleaner interface… Microsoft will also offer a version of Vista Home Basic and Vista Business without a Windows Media Player in Europe to comply with European Union antitrust rulings.”

“We’re delivering the exact same number of offerings as in Windows XP, but the big difference is that each of those offerings are targeted differently with a different set of features,” said Barry Goffe, director of Microsoft’s Windows client product marketing,” Reuters reports.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take:
Ballmer: How come only three versions, Barry? As with everything, food, dancing, hair, you name it, more is better. Make it six versions. I can sell that.
Goffe: Okay boss. I’ll make it the exact same as Windows XP, but with the big difference of it not being exactly the same, but targeted to the same differently-defined targets with the exact same features, but the big difference is that each feature will feature differently-targeted feature sets. Then we’ll just market the shit out of it.
Ballmer: Makes perfect sense to me. Thank God that 50% of the world is below average and that 35% of the rest are too lazy to care.

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  1. Won’t most Windows buyers just wave a WHITE flag and surrender? I mean, even Office XP comes in too many flavors to understand. No one wants to have to make choices about software they have never used. MSFT should follow AAPL’s lead on this one and have a client version adn a sever version.

  2. Why would ANYBODY want a stripped down version of Windows!

    That’s be like a pig with lipstick, without the lipstick. Just a pig.

    I take it from this marketing strategy that their theory behind it all is you get what you pay for, so the ‘Ultimate’ Edition must weigh in at $0.50

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  3. Mac Genius, wouldn’t you rather see all those Windows games get developed for Mac OS X? If everyone buys Windows games to run on their Mac, who’s going to develop Mac games? If you really want to play windows games in Windows, then why don’t you just buy a Windows computer?

  4. Of course even if people could actually figure out the difference between them, they’ll basically end up with whatever PC World or the like happens to bundle in with whatever cheapo piece of crap hardware they’re foisting on the public that week as being the best in modern computing technology but at a low price.

    Salesman: this comes with Intel centrino technology with HT bullshitting built in.
    Member of the public: (blank stare)
    Salesman: It’s really cheap and runs windows blah blah.
    Member of the public: (I don’t know what that means but) all that sounds techy and that’s what computers are, it’s cheap though – I’ll take it.
    Salesman: sucker.
    Member of the public: Sorry?
    Salesman: erm, I’m a sucker to let it go that cheap.

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