Steve Jobs patiently waits to tear down his 30-room Jackling House ‘abomination’

Apple CEO Steve Jobs “hasn’t been able to do is convince preservationists that his plan to demolish a California house would improve the neighborhood,” Bloomberg News reports. “At stake is a 17,250-square-foot (1,550-square-meter) mansion set on six acres in the small town of Woodside, about 30 miles (50 kilometers) south of San Francisco. Preservationists call it a prized example of Spanish Colonial Revival style.”

Bloomberg News reports, “Jobs says he never liked the 30-room Jackling House, which he bought 21 years ago. He wants to tear it down so he can build a smaller one, which he told Woodside would be designed better and possibly merit historic status itself some day. ‘You may not think it is of historic significance, Mr. Jobs, but it is,’ said Frank Sanchis, former vice president of the Washington, D.C.-based National Trust for Historic Preservation. ‘Communities have a quality that is given to them by the architecture that is represented there, and if you remove it, it chips away at architecture in America and in the end communities become more generic.'”

“A group of preservationists called Uphold Our Heritage successfully sued to kill Jobs’s demolition permit for the Jackling House, which is named after its original owner, copper magnate Daniel C. Jackling. Sanchis is advising the group, which questioned whether Jobs tried hard enough to save the house, including his one-year effort to give it away. Jobs is in the process of filing an appeal to challenge the Jan. 26 order revoking his permit, his attorney Howard Ellman said last week. Jobs declined requests for an interview,” Bloomberg News reports. Jobs “has described the home as an ‘abomination’ in meetings with Woodside officials and said he could design something ‘far nicer,’ according to a local newspaper, the Alamanac. Preservationists accuse him of willfully neglecting the place, allowing it to be exposed to the elements for several years with doors and windows missing. No one has lived in the house for six years, and it has become dilapidated, said Ellman, of San Francisco-based Ellman, Burke, Hoffman & Johnson. Jobs’s plan is to tear it down, combine the property with a six-acre site next door, and build a home as big as 6,000 square feet for his wife and three children. ‘He’s made it clear he intends to continue to be patient,’ Ellman said of Jobs’s decision to appeal the ruling by San Mateo County Superior Court Judge Marie Weiner.”

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  1. Hmm, looks a fairly indifferent neo-Spanish to me.

    What’s missing in the argument is what’s proposed to replace it.

    What about something big and white and round, with a chunk out of one side…

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