Worthless iPod nano case that nobody’s going to use, but which indemnifies Apple from lawsuits ships

“Apple has apparently begun bundling a soft fabric slip-case with its iPod Nano, recent buyers of the diminutive digital-music player have claimed,” Tony Smith reports for The Register. “So is this tacit recognition on Apple’s part that the Nano is particularly scratch-prone? ‘Tacit’ it certainly is – there’s no mention of the case on Apple’s iPod Nano website or on the AppleStore Nano purchase page. The latter fact suggests the company hasn’t reprinted the box art, just simply tucked the case in among the carton’s other contents.”

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Pix of the new iPod nano cases here.

“Watch for lawsuits from current nano owners who are bitter over not getting cases with their units,” Marc Perton writes for Engadget.

Full article here.

On Wednesday, October 26, 2005, we posted an article regarding an AppleInsider report that stated that Apple “is expected to include a standard protective casing with future revisions to the iPod nano.” It seems that the added cases are now reaching nano buyers. Too bad Apple didn’t see fit to ship all nano units with a basic included case from the start.

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Although we have no proof, we get the feeling that Apple promised “opportunities” to third-party “Made With iPod” licensees in exchange for their tithes. If such an “opportunity” included Apple not shipping cases with iPod nanos in order to spur third-party protective case sales, well, that move certainly bit Apple on their collective ass, now didn’t it? Or perhaps Apple was originally just trying to save 3-cents per iPod nano by omitting the “worthless case that nobody’s really going to use anyway, but which indemnifies us from lawsuits?” We did notice that the new 5G iPod includes its own “worthless case that nobody’s really going to use anyway, but which indemnifies us from lawsuits” from day one.

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  1. oh this is ridiculous. all things are scratchable. i scratched my 3G ipod the day i got it. did i sue apple? no… it was my fault. i didn’t treat the thing with respect. i hope these ipod nano scratch victims get no compensation for their own stupidity. they are as clueless as all the other pavement trippers and manhole faller downers that make lawyers so wealthy. in fact i hope they have to pay apple because they are stupid. too stupid. MW stupid.

  2. There is a reason it’s called “the bleading edge of technology”.

    I believe the original 5GB iPod shipped with a cloth case but other models didn’t. My iPod mini didn’t and I also didn’t blame anyone but myself when I scratched the darn thing one day.

    Since when does being an American releave us of our responsibility to have common sense?

    MDN word: when

  3. Hey,

    “worthless case that nobody’s really going to use anyway, but which indemnifies us from lawsuits” is that not the cousin to that other famous “Worthless piece of MS OS with an EULA that idemnifies of from Lawsuits”.

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