The hilarious story of Shufflicious

You could not make this stuff up. It’s like a sitcom, only better because it’s actually funny!

“This is the story of one man’s simple crusade to produce a stylish iPod case that isn’t a glorified condom, in the face of adversity from having no idea how to do it, erratic manufacturers and suppliers, and all under the knowledge that ultimately you are at the mercy of Uncle Steve Jobs and his iPod massive.”

If you want to laugh out loud (depending upon your mood), read Mark Williams’ hilarious article “The story of Shufflicious – making an iPod case to sell.”

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  1. Come on guys, lighten up. When, after all of his travails, he finally gets the box from China and it contains “chinese figurines dressed up as a western bride and groom,” it’s funny!

    I laughed. I’m in a good mood today – it’s Friday!

  2. “Shufflicious” . . . come onnnnn!!!! I nearly gouged out my own eyes reading that thing. The tedium was incredible — like listening to one of Conan’s monologues.

    Hey, I keed. I keed those with freakish hair . . . because I love.

    No, but seriously, I have to say that I really like the alternate version of “Shufflicious”. You know, de one shaped like a taco that you can use as a sex aid. Yeh-heh-hesssssss. Maybe he can re-package those and call them “Pussylicious.” He certainly got de color right.

    And those would really be good for my long, lonely business trips.

  3. How can anyone who (probably) sifts every post on MDN for meat find this account boring? It’s an interesting account of the rookie ins and outs of invention and production….one could learn something from it in fact, if only what not to do. I know most people have lives and jobs that avoid risk, but that is not what got the world where it is, for good or bad.

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