Apple Macs may outlast all American PC brands

“We note with both a smirk and a worried frown, that even Dell are struggling in the PC world. But standing tall among the debris, and as Chris Seibold noted with his clever graphs, rising from it, is Apple,” Chris Howard writes for Apple Matters.

“With Lenovo buying the IBM line, the fall of other PC brands, by the end of the decade, we may also be buying our computers only from the Asian nations. Who would have believed it late in the 90’s with American brands IBM, Dell, HP, Gateway and Compaq dominating the world market? For the Asian nations of course, this is a great thing, for us we are going to have to reinvent ourselves and our place in technology. The irony is Apple Macs may outlast all of those American PC brands,” Howard writes.

Howard writes, “2005 has been an extraordinary year of product announcements – probably the biggest in Apple’s history – with two or three of them registering 10 on the Richter Scale.”

Howard then reviews the past year and looks forward to Macwordll Expo San Francsco in January 2006, of which he writes that Apple is preparing “to follow up their most significant year in history, with one to match. And if they succeed, they could change the face of computing and home and portable entertainment, more than we’d even dared hoped 12 months ago.”

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  1. The significance of the patent application allowing for multiple operating system instances cannot be measured. This is outstanding work being patiently executed. The comparison with the Gates/Ozzie wake up call memos is both entertaining and pathetic.

  2. Well it’s hard to be unique in the PC world, the only thing you can change is the colour of the plastic, light or dark beige ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  3. The secret to the survival of Apple is that the key to the Mac universe is only available from Apple. Very little differentiates one generic Windows PC from another as they use mostly the same components from the same suppliers. The average Joe/Jane will buy the cheapest thing that will get the job done if it is ‘good enough’.

  4. “Apples may be designed in America but they are built in China.”

    That doesn’t mean the company is not American. Have you ever heard of “outsourcing”? Alot of companies do it, and not only American companies.

    Beside, what does that have to do with anything?

  5. ‘That doesn’t mean the company is not American. Have you ever heard of “outsourcing”? Alot of companies do it, and not only American companies.

    Beside, what does that have to do with anything?’

    uh, Kelso…30 million manufacturing jobs lost in the United States in the past six years may “have to do with anything”. If a country doesn’t make anything, it doesn’t have an economy.

  6. make some of each model in a special facility in the US.

    You could opt to pay more for an American-made version, and I for one would do it. I’d be willing to pay double.

    But Apple can’t make them ALL that way or they’d simply go out of business.

  7. Hey Botswannik — Give it up with the outsourcing complaints.

    Times change, industries shift, markets adapt. Happens all the time. And now some companies are pulling their outsourced work BACK home to America. Why? Because the market spoke and people were pissed. So, companies are doing what they do: responding to the market.

    Stop whining.

    And by the way, I find articles like this — about a company that was always referred to as “beleaguered” just a few years ago — absolutely hilarious.

    My stock portfolio loves it too.

  8. Are any of that great ‘Stars and Strips’ waving company Nike’s running shoes made in America?
    I thought they were all made in the Phillipenes…

    If a company can pay a foreign worker $10 to produce one item on a production line, why pay an American worker $100 to produce the same item on an American production line?
    Doesn’t make sence.

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