Cingular slashes Motorola ROKR iTunes phone price

“The U.S. mobile operator Cingular has lowered the price of the Motorola ROKR, better known as the iTunes mobile telephone, by 40 percent,” Tom Sanders reports for VNUNet. “When the phone was initially introduced, Cingular started selling it for US$249.99 with a two year contract. Over the past weekend, the operator cut the price by $100 to $149.99.”

Sanders reports, “The $250 price tag combined with a storage capacity that is artificially capped off at 100 songs caused consumers and reviewers to shun the phone. In the UK, O2 sells the phone for free with a 12 month contract. Motorola sold about 83,000 ROKR phones per week in the first weeks after the official unveiling. The firm’s top-selling RAZR on average sells 500,000 units per week… Meanwhile, Motorola hasn’t given up on iTunes software on its mobile phones. The forthcoming RAZR V3i and the SLVR L7 are expected to be the second and third Motorola models to feature that Apple software, although it will be up to the operator to decide if the RAZR will include the software or not. The new RAZR is scheduled to start shipping later this year.”

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  1. I can’t believe they are still charging $149! The ROKR should be a $49 phone with a 2 yr. contract!

    It was smart of MOTO to release the RAZR because that’s what people want and are waiting for and MOTO thought they could cash in on the ROKR for a while, then add teh RAZR but there were no takers on the ROKR.

    MDN word: surface

  2. And by January, the ROKR will be gone entirely I’m betting. No one will want it once the new RAZR with iTunes is widely available. I won’t be buying one though unless T-Mobile gets off their butts and offers it. I’d never ever go back to Cingular as sh*tty as their service was for the year I had it.

  3. it depends on how many minutes you get on the contract
    in Mexico we get much better phones for free in basic contracts
    but for 30 US we get about 150 minutes a month (aprox 15 cents aditional min) and we never pay incoming (caller even in land lines pay about 30 cents a minute calling a cell phone)
    having a cellphone is very common, using it a lot is not.

  4. the reason phones are “Free” in the UK, is that you pay for it in the contract. US Customers are more about getting a good deal (a la Wal-Mart) than paying for quality or having the newest best thing.

    Nothing is ever “free” it’s just more heavily subsidized.

  5. They had a huge opportunity to impress the market and ‘clean -up’ after Jobs had been trailling the phone for months. They screwed up by offering a fat, ugly phone. $150 bucks is halfway to replacing it with an itunes version of the RAZR – you just have to wait a little longer….

  6. “I can’t believe they are still charging $149! The ROKR should be a $49 phone with a 2 yr. contract!”

    Just buy it from Amazon or instead, it’s free after rebate (with activation) thru either one of them.

  7. It’s about time PC makers die off slowly. I remember using Apple Macs in elementary and middle school before OSX. It was the black and white Macs, but I didn’t see them as Macs at the time. I loved playing Amazon Trail, it was my favorite game. Then Bill gates had to screw everything up with his “vision” of the Internet and crap. The operating system wasn’t even ready and secure for it.

    Then everyone wanted to get in on the money and companies like Dell, HP, Compaq, etc, made millions and billions from crappy software. It makes me sick… I’m very glad Apple has UNIX and BSD roots to it making it very secure for the Internet. Over the years with Cheetah, Jaguar, Panther, and Tiger, there’s been tons of improvements.

    I’ve been following the Mac uprising since the Mac Mini early in 2005. I must say, that makes it extremely easy for one to own an Apple. Just $500, not the expensive Apples that it’s known for. I can’t wait for Intel processors next year in 2006. I’ve been excited about getting away from having to do so much work on keeping Windows stable for a while. Apple is on the right track now, it’s on course for taking a big chunk out of Microsoft’s dominance. I hope 2006 and into 2007 is the start of the fall of the Windows empire.

    I doubt they’ll even make it to Blackcomb at this rate!

  8. In the UK, O2 sells the phone for free with a 12 month contract.

    Which just goes to show what a bunch of theiving bandits the US mobile phone operators are. Which explains why I dropped mine.

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