Apple drops Samsung NAND flash memory investment plan

“Apple Computers, the maker of iPod digital music players, has dropped a joint $3.8 billion investment plan in flash chip production of Samsung Electronics, a South Korean newspaper said on Saturday,” Reuters reports. ‘Apple had proposed about 4 trillion won joint investment with Samsung Electronics in the production lines of NAND flash chips used for its MP3 players,’ a senior Samsung official was quoted by the Korea Economic Daily as saying.”

“‘But as the anti-Samsung sentiment has recently deepened among some political and civic groups, Apple ended the talks, complaining about the sentiment,’ the unnamed official was cited as saying. Apple was currently in talks with another memory chip maker for joint flash chip output in the United States, he added,” Reuters reports.

Full article here.

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In their quixotic quest to prop up homegrown makers of MP3 players that nobody wants, Korea shoots its own Samsung right between the eyes. Brilliant.

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  1. Why not Panasonic? They’re trying to push their new P2 card as a replacement to video tape. It’s awesome technology, and at its core is the Secure Digital flash memory found in a huge number of digital still cameras.

    Apple ought to team up with Panasonic on this one.

  2. I’d be really happy if apple did in fact shift its investment to the US. There is no reason why flash memory production can’t be done in the US for comparable pricing– the process is mostly automated without the need for a massive labor force.

    That “Designed in California by Apple and Manufactured in China” sticker doesn’t do it for me.

  3. Why don’t we make flash memory in the US?

    because most students in US high schools know much more about how to use condoms and sexual positions than how to read. At least, that’s why a bunch of companies are moving to Canada… no our kids in the US are much more fluent in 50 Cents, BigEE Smalls and Christina than physics, mathematics, and engineering.

    the US is dying… we are dying. The NEA, the teacher’s union leadership and university professors are the reason why.

    the day we start throwing the bad kids out of school, and let the good kids stay and learn is the day we may come back from the brink…

    but not until then.. until then – we have a shitload of dummies with really good self esteem … and some even can speak english.

  4. In 21st-century America, stupid starts at the top. Your President keeps throwing away billions in Iraq that could be used at home — including third-party investment in flash-memory plants — and who’s to blame? The NEA and the teachers?! WHAT?!

    And all these jobs that are “going to Canada”? Where’s your proof? You provided no proof because here is no proof, of course. Your opinion is based on ideology alone – no logic, no thought… nothing.

    You want to know why America is “dying”? Start by looking in a mirror.

  5. To hell with the gooks. They are nothing but stupid rice-eyed dog eating fools, who think they are the best in the world.

    They should take their business over to another country, like Taiwan.

    Price fixing is doom to any economy, especially when machines are making the products.

    This just goes to show that those rice-brained noodle heads have top heavy companies which can only profit when they try to artifically control the market. F ’em. There should be 1 employee in management to every 500 workers on the floor, instead the gooks like 20 management freeloaders to every 5 machines. Great, no wonder the currency tanks every few years.

  6. There were 4 companies involved in this price fixing case. The only one that didn’t face a fine, need to bargain one, or basically get spanked was the one based in the U.S..

    Then we get an article about Apple dropping a technological investment because of politics. So much for our inexpensive high quality 30 gig flash drives. Funny how the cases and sanctions were for RAM fixing and NOT NAND.

    Call me a bad kid. If it’s of equal quality and American made I’ll buy it if it helps some guy keep a roof over his family’s heads. If it’s not equal quality or costs a lot more then I won’t buy it in order to do the same for myself. Want to go back to the late 70’s early 80’s American cars? I mean…it’s not like we need a global economy or anything.

    Well, I hope all you good import driving kids have fun supporting us bad kids who buy American when possible instead of just because of the label. Maybe you can just give us the welfare and the per year prison housing costs so we can go live in Korea and have a higher standard of living and work for less and make all the things needed to support the companies that make the memory you use.

    I paid my taxes and I pay for other people to go to school. Did you forget so send a check or something? Remember kids, if you want to grow up and be president you have to be an obedient member of THE PARTY first.

  7. The Other Steve Jobs >

    You must surely be joking: the USA’s public education system is in crisis for any number of reasons, here’s just a couple…

    Education is managed at a school district level, and might in a time of crisis be escalated to the state. In the meantime, federal government – who are too busy thinking about how to get re-elected – pander to the Religious Right, whilst paying lip-service to liberal political correctness, instead of thinking about the main thing, which is ensuring that children get a consistent standard of education within every school and every school district.

    A common curriculum, taught to common standards would be a good start.

    Then – and this is a challenge here in the UK as well – you have to use education to promote “making things” as a career as opposed to simply “selling” things: the financial services industry is doubtless a fine thing, but there are only so many pensions or life policies that can be sold. For a humorous view on this subject, read the section on the Shoe Event Horizon in The Hitchhiker’s Guide…. In Italy, if you’re an Engineer, you get a professional courtesy title, likewise in Germany – in the USA and UK, you get treated as a grease monkey.

    Here’s another thing: stop confusing science and faith – they’re two separate things (please note, I’m not saying one is better than the other – although I have a view – they’re just separate things). If the USA wants to be taken seriously as a centre for science, research and development, it has to stop local, state and Federal politicians from using the school system to promote a subjective faith-based agenda. It’s not big, it’s not clever and it ultimately leads to more pragmatic nations – like Korea, China and Singapore – coming in and stealing your lunch money.

  8. I tend to stay away from automobiles altogether: I ride public transportation, which puts the MAJORITY of the money back into the pockets of my neighbors, and not just some honkey who is fine with living in a polluted waste dump.

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