Apple invites media to special event for unveiling of ‘Apple’s latest pro innovations’ on October 19

Apple has invited the media to a special event, the third to be held in a month’s time, to be held in New York City on October 19th.

In the email invitation, Apple requests that invited members of the media join them as “we unveil Apple’s latest pro innovations.”

Apple Insider has more info here.

“MacNN sources have confirmed that the event will be used to introduce the last PowerPC-based PowerBook G4 lineup with new high resolution displays and other improvements. Other reports also suggest the event will bring a photography-related announcement as well as updated Power Mac G5 systems using IBM’s dual-core PowerPC chips, although the (unconfirmed) details are scarce,” MacNN reports.

Full article here.

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Keep ’em coming! If Apple’s not yet tired, then we’re not tired either!

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  1. Hmmm… just curios, why didn’t they all do it in one go. Isn’t it waste of money of renting the venue and other expenses?

    Anyway, I love it. I love to hear Apple keep introducing more innovative stuffs.

    What else would they introduced this time? They’ve already upgraded Apple mini, iMac, iPod mini, iPod. So it must be G5 tower, G4 Powerbook & G4 iBook or even iPod shuffle? OR……. A BRAND NEW DEVICE?????

    Bravo, Apple!!!

  2. Loooong wait for ShortHorn,

    You’re kidding, right? Each one of these generates millions of dollars in free publicity that lasts for weeks. Do three separate events, get 3X the free publicity. The only minor issue is that they have to cram this last one up against the previous one a bit too close because holiday shopping season is approaching fast! The vid iPod, iTunes 6, Disney negotiations, and/or the iMac G5 must’ve delayed the last one. 2-3 weeks apart for each media event would’ve been optimal. Still, this’ll work just fine.

  3. Apple DOES have a plan and it would appear that they’re really solidifying the division between Pro (PowerMac, PowerBook, XServe) and Consumer/Media lines (iPod, iTunes, iMac, iLife, Mac mini, etc.). So, it makes perfect sense to divide the rollouts and presentations, since the products and their audiences are quite different. It also keeps the buzz in the press going, which these days seems to be only good for Apple. >knock wood<

    I’m thrilled to hear about the next event!
    Whatever they do to upgrade the 15″ PowerBook will be just fine by me, since I’m still running a 1ghz Ti Book and desperately want/need new iron!!! Add a couple of 1GB RAM sticks and I’ll be one happy bastid!

    There is NO WAY Intel PowerBooks will be released at this point in time. IF for no other reason than exactly what software aside from a few games and Mactel beta applications. I will wait for Rev. B or C of Intel PowerBooks before taking the plunge. Hopefully by then the hardware bugs will be ironed out and applications, utilities and games will be available aplenty… AND running smoothly.

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