Podfather: iPod porn is going to be huge

“The adult-entertainment industry that kick-started the pre-recorded home-video market is likely to do the same with video podcasts,” Frank Barnako reports for MarketWatch. “Adam Curry, president of PodShow Inc., said this week’s announcement of the new video iPod from Apple Computer. ‘Porn is just going to be huge,’ he told listeners to his Daily Source Code podcast this week. ‘The porn guys are just going, ‘holy moly,” — in gratitude for the new market that’s opened up to them. But adult material is only one facet of new commercial opportunities, that Curry foresees.”

Full article here.

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Is that an iPod in your pocket or are you just happy to see us?

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  1. downloaded itunes 6.0 and not only did it find all of my music vid, and vid podcast, but it also found some porn that i thought i erased. it was a bit shocking, cause i have no idea where that porn is on my drive.

  2. It’s only a matter of time before the PORN PARASITES start feeding on Apple. America is the porn, drugs, murder, smoking, alcoholic capital of the world. How proud it is to be an American. If you buy the porn, you are the same smelly scum they are. Keep that “sh#t” off the iPod.

  3. iCrystal – America (although I assume you mean the US) is also the land of free speech (sometimes)…

    Actually, it’s interesting: I was reading recently how the porn industry has been massively responsible for the mainstream adoption of various technologies – video, DVD, the web, etc. Like it or not, porn is massive and can impact society in both negative and positive ways.

  4. Yay. I’m a smelly scum… You know, there’s actually couples who spice things up a little with porn every now and then… it’s not just for deranged perverts. We’re adults, we can watch whatever we want.

    Kids seeing it… that’s another matter….

    I’m more offended by your use of the word “sh#t”… how filthy.

  5. 2010 wrote: “”My God it’s full of (porn) Stars””

    OMG how funny is that?

    iCrystal wrote:

    “America is the porn, drugs, murder, smoking, alcoholic capital of the world.

    You obviously have never been to another country. If you have such an issue with it, perhaps we can pitch in for a one way ticket somewhere.
    When you get there however, you’ll find out it’s the same in a lot of other countries, except of course the ones where they chop off your hand or put out your eyes if you do any of those things.

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