RUMOR: Apple to debut new PowerBooks, Power Macs this month

“Long-awaited updates to Apple’s PowerBook and Power Mac systems, once scheduled to make their debut last month in Paris, will finally surface later this October, reliable sources have told AppleInsider. The new PowerBook G4 systems — the last Apple laptop revision to run on PowerPC processors — have been troubled by a series of small issues that have combined to delay their release by several weeks,” Kasper Jade reports for Apple Insider. “With Apple pushing to complete its transition to Intel chips ahead of schedule, the company this summer began dismantling its PowerPC engineering teams in favor of reallocating as many engineers towards its Intel projects as possible. As a result of the engineering shifts, sources told AppleInsider that Apple’s final round of PowerPC projects — including the new PowerBooks — have been met by a shortage of resources.”

“Around the same time that the new PowerBooks make their debut — and likely on the same day — Apple is also expected unveil its most powerful Power Mac systems ever. Admittedly, the exact specifications of these systems are unknown at this time, though sources say the systems will be based on IBM’s dual-core PowerPC 970MP G5 processors,” Katz reports. “Each new PowerMac will boast two of the PowerPC 970MP processors for a total of four cores of processing power. Improved PCI-E-based graphics and dual-layer SuperDrives are also a lock, sources added.”

Full article here.

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  1. “We have to wait until “Think Secret” says that there are no upgrades coming to believe that this is true.” – Guessing

    Love it!
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  2. I’ve been waiting for new powerbooks for 3months now…almost given up. Apple is all about gadgets these days anyway. Talking about gadgets, would love to have one o those tiny iSight cams in my forthcoming PB lid…including the flashlight ofcourse. Not to mention the remote!

  3. apple will probably release a powerbook with a 30hz speedbump -woohoo! thanks so much for all the R&D money and human resources you put into the ipod lineup. Who want’s a 1st gen. Mactel laptop? I know I don’t! The 2nd or 3rd rev. will probably be nice tho.

  4. Have you noticed that Apple have stopped trying to announce major new products at the shows?

    I think the primary reason for this is that the delay in shipping products after an announcement brought a lot of bad press and a lot of lost sales.

    Jobs finally figured that what the hell, do the announcement when the units are ready to ship and are available in volume.

    The shows are now going to be relegated to demos of upcoming software and existing hardware. Of course if they do manage to get a product ready in time for a show they will launch it there.

  5. guessing says “What the heck are they going to announce at MWSF in Jan 2006 at this rate???”

    Hopefully, Macworld will introduce the missing pieces of the announcement from a couple of days.

    Mainly, they need an effective way to stream purcahsed video content from Mac to TV and with better resolution than 320×240.

  6. That’s what I love about the rumor-mill. They hate to admit that they got it wrong.

    “New Macs at Paris Expo”–nope, didn’t happen. But they’ll be coming soon. Hey, Apple’s doing a special event! That’s when they’ll announce ’em! Nope. But they’ll be out before the end of October! Nope.

    I mean, yes, I’m sure we’ll see new PowerMac and PowerBook systems. And if I keep throwing dates out, eventually I’ll be right and, in theory, everyone will forget how wrong I was in the past.

  7. The piddling speed bump this article talks about is a real disappointment. I know major increases in clock speed for the G4 aren’t possible at this stage, but for crying out loud – Freescale has had a dual core version of the G4 since last spring. For the money you pay for a Powerbook (compared to an iBook) Apple really should be doing as much as possible on the CPU side of things to differentiate the two.

    My current 1.33Ghz 12″ iBook is a nice little screamer (just as fast as my last 1.33Ghz 15″ PB), and I’m now getting over 4 hrs of battery life with it (I managed about 2-3 hrs with the PB). THE reason I bought the iBook was the price/performance ratio comparisons to the PB was so far out of wack. Fancier screens and minor increases in battery size aren’t going to address that problem. Dual core CPUs could – they’re slightly more energy efficient than single cores (generally), and the G4 version is ‘chipset compatible’ with all the single core versions.

    However, the new Macintels will all be dual core. My strong suspicion is that giving these last PPC based Powerbooks a similar boost would have made the inevitable comparisons between the two versions just a little too … ah … uncomfortable for the company. After all, they’ll want to maintain the fiction that moving to Intel was done for ‘performance reasons’ in anyway possible, and having a lowly G4 dualie give a honkin new Pentium a run for it’s money would have raised way too many embarassing questions.

    Apple Insider quote: “Unless plans change drastically over the next several months, AppleInsider sources expect these new Pro machines to be the last PowerPC-based systems to ever emerge from Apple’s Cupertino, Calif.-based design studios.”

    May we please have a moment of silence … an old an valiant warrior, and former ally, has fallen.
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  8. The little delays and hiccups (check the iTMS6 searching function for appx. 12 hours after announced!) worry me a bit. Hopefully it’s just a symptom of the transitioning engineers, and not a harbinger of management problems with the old guys outgoing and the new ones taking over..

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