Apple computers top reliability poll

“Apple is the computer brand which buyers find most reliable, according to a survey by consumer magazine Which? It found that consumers were more likely to recommend Apple computers to their friends than any other brand, closely followed by Dell and Sony,” Bobbie Johnson reports for The Guardian.

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  1. Good observation, Rob. The only people Dell are closely following are the likes of Gateway, Comcrap, and Hewlett Crapard the way of the dinosaur…

    MW charge, as in “how can they charge for that.”

  2. I tend to agree about the Dell results negating the poll.

    At the same time, if I had to recommend a Windows PC to someone, Dell would be the top of my list. Years ago, that would have been Gateway.

    MDN word: went

  3. i would never recommend any oem PC to anyone. the first thing i’d do is recommend a mac (unless they’re big gamers), and if they insisted upon a PC i’d tell them i would build it for them myself and give them (not free!) tech support. hm, maybe i should stop recommending macs – i could get rich!

    ha – MW is “problems”.

  4. I can’t believe this is true at all… We Apple Fans are just blinded most of the time… heres an example, though I still continue to buy…

    TiBook – frail structure, more cracks and dings than any other model laptop i’ve ever had… though still running, is that a good thing? Still need to trade in my batteries.

    iBook G3 – besides the having to repair the logic board twice, holds up like a champ.

    MacMini – dying cd-rom, need to bring it in

    Airport Extreme – Over priced AP with limited range even with external antenna, especially compared to how much better the express works…

    Airport Express – two of three are flaky, need a recycle from time to time

    Mighty Mouse – works, but not worth the price

    iPod – original, still holding up… battery weaker

    IPod Shuffle – no complaint, cheap and works (though every once a while a file doesnt actually copy over and you get a chirp instead.

    MAC OSX – dear Apple g*ds, please bring back 10.2.8

    In comparision… not one of Toshiba (4) latops and 1 Dell laptop have given me a hardware issue… ever.

  5. I agree with RobR7 about all the little niggling issues with Macs these days. There’s a quality control problem that’s grown over the last few years, probably having something to do with making them cheaper. They’re using the same Mainland Chinese and Taiwanese manufacturers the beige box people use and some of it doesn’t hold up like it used to. At one time, you NEVER had to fix any hardware on a Mac. Not quite so these days.

    Still, I’ll put up with the little problems and fix them in exchange for how the Mac pays you back in daily operation. True, the OS has its little issues but when I work on a PC, I’m frustrated within an hour with it. I really think “how can anyone stand for this?”. Lots of folks have no issues with how a PC works – until they switch. They may hate it at first but it’s fun to watch the light come on – slowly… slowly… then one day they “get it” big time.

    I seeded about 35 new Macs at our business and had two of them with problems. One was a motherboard on a G5 (lightning hit) and the other was a power manager issue on an iBook (wouldn’t charge a battery – fixed under warranty). Most of these 35 machines are laptops and half are now over two years old with no other hardware issues. The iBooks hold up well because, I swear, it looks like some of these people pound nails with them.

    Compare that to our closet full of Thinkpads and Dell laptops that lasted between 8 and 18 months, or the last two Toshiba laptops still running that are 2+ years old, one you have to bend the frame before it powers up – or leave it plugged in for two hours (uneconomically repairable) and the other which is in pretty good shape because it’s only used as a desktop system.

    Still, Macs have been better in the past and I hope those days return.

  6. I would not bother to put much import on this. Having subscribed to ‘Which’ myself at various times I found myself disagreeing with their assumptions, methods, facts and results on most subjects where I had some knowledge. They are in reality an amateurish organisation. Don’t bother…

  7. I’ve been using Macs since 1987. I’ve owned about 25. I have only ever had one go wrong on me, and that was a motherboard getting fried due to a faulty power supply – in 1987. Currently using an old upgraded PowerMac 8500 (remember those!), a TiBook 400, an AiBook 1.25ghz 15″, and an iMac 20″ G5 – all still working perfectly with no faults. I know computers go wrong, but all of my Macs – old and new – have proved exceptionally reliable, unlike the two Sony Vaio laptops I’ve owned, both of which have developed terminal faults.

    Maybe I’m just lucky, but the odds are against that. 24/25 Macs can’t be wrong.

  8. In comparision… not one of Toshiba (4) latops and 1 Dell laptop have given me a hardware issue… ever

    Okay dumbass.. you decide to attack macs by saying.. uh, you don’t like Tiger …

    and then you go on to say you don’t have any problem with PC Hardware.

    a)you didn’t really have anything to say about Mac hardware, so I guess it’s top notch?

    b)since you slagged Tiger, then you really should discuss PC operating systems.. like.. uh, the most disastrous infestation of bugs on Earth.. Windows..

    Oh well, when you’re ripping your hair out, talking to a PC tech in India, at least you’ll be able to tell yourself “The hardware’s great, but this computer is driving me crazy.. er.. on the software side..”

  9. I have to agree with RobR7 and SHW.

    While I would never use a Windows PC myself, I believe Apple has a definite quality control problem. And worse than any other major PC manufacturer at that. My brand new iBook has a very bright right side of screen, dark center and not so bright left side. My iPod mini was defective out of the box. Add to this the constant horror stories of Apple hardware suddenly malfunctioning or being DOA, and it makes a problem.

    Come on Apple, what gives?


  10. FWIW,

    I have one of the first AirPort Expresses, and I’ve never had any trouble with it. It just sits there, serving the USB printer and extending my network (I don’t do AirTunes).

    It’s completely forgettable. Which is <bold>exactly</bold> what I want from network components.

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