iRiver, BenQ drop MP3 player prices in response to Apple’s iPod nano

“Although the iPod nano has not hit shelves in Taiwan yet, iRiver Taiwan has lowered the on-line pre-sale price of the U10, one of iRiver’s latest MP3 players, by 13% and BenQ has cut retail prices of its entry-level 512MB MP3 player by 10%, according to local retail channels,’ Jimmy Hsu and Adam Hwang report for DigiTimes.

Full article here.

Advertisement: Apple iPod nano. 1,000 songs. Impossibly small. From $199. Free shipping.

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  1. it is surprising to “me” that they have such large margins to cut. Perhaps another strategy would be to _begin_ with the lowest possible price to break even and build some market share/brand recognition against Apple. If they can cut the price by 10 or 15%, then that means it is coming out of the profits, but if they are making much more than that in profit, they have probably over priced themselves.

    it is interesting how the industry is reacting to Apple’s move. Nothing agressive like an XM/WMA player. Sure, subscription pricing was a gutsy move and I salute Napster, etc for thinking outside Apple’s innovation, but the devices, just one iPod rip off after another, perhaps with an FM tuner or misplaced display thrown in.

    MDN word: seen

  2. “me”, I hope you know that subscriptions are not new. They were around before the iTMS came out. The only thing different is that with Napster and others like them is that you can now copy the songs to a portable player.

    As far as XM or XM/WMA portable players: it remains to be seen if it will have any effect.

  3. “If they were to cut the prices of their mp3 players by 100% I would still have no interest!”

    Do you live in Taiwan? If no, then STFU! The iPod is definitely better as a small, compact MP3 player, but many people do have valid reasons for buying one of the competitions products, like built-in radios, and other features. None of those features matter to me, and obviously not you, but does that mean that iRiver’s products are crap? Hell no. They are good products for a niche market…

    Just like the mac is for Mac users lie myself…

  4. I have 4 gigs on my iPod and about 10 gigs of music on my Mac..

    Please tell me why the F i would listen to FM radio …

    Exactly. you wouldn’t.. these are incredibly stupid features.. Apple sells content, they’re not going to give you lame-ass FM radio

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