Mac OS X 10.4.3 coming first half of October?

“Another pre-release build of Mac OS X 10.4.3 was among the software seeds reportedly released by the company. Now at build 8F31, the third maintenance release to Tiger is is approaching 110MB in size and includes well over 500 minor fixes and enhancements,” AppleInsider reports. “Mac OS X 10.4.3 continues to include references to unreleased PowerMac and PowerBook models, according sources. The frequency in which Apple has released new builds of the update indicates that a release is on tap for the first half of October.”

The AppleInsider report also has information about J2SE 5.0, Xsan 1.2, and iTunes 5.0.2.

Full article here.


  1. Tiger had too many incompatibilities for me so I went back to 10.3.9 and all is right again in OZ (and I’m an Apple Developer with all the Tiger support). Then again, I’m a power user with a lot of machines and had just finished updating all our software when Tiger came out. It’s expensive to stay “bleeding edge”.

  2. These Tiger software problems are the fault of the president and his ultra conservative party. If I’d been elected president Apple would have received all the preferencial treatment a good Democratic party supporter is entitled to.

  3. tommy Boy and others like you, happy you’re sticking with 10.3.9 — but why do you even mention it? Get a live! I mean this is about moving on for God’s sake. You Know? Like 10. 4 whatever? and whatever, and whatever — I’m sticking to my old T-shirt, even if I’ve been to the gym 27 times and it sort of smells… I love conservatives with a small “c”.

  4. I have had no issues whatsoever either, I feel so left out.
    Bring on the next update-maybe I can join you others getting kernel panics, etc. I won’t feel so left out then.

    Magic worde: results, as in each update results in better performance!

  5. tno, why update if the updates brings more trouble than joy? Think about the chaps updating win xp sp2 to sp3 (that would be vista) they’ll be in for a nasty wave of new virii ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />
    Luckily, apple manages this quite well so i’d go along with update asap!

    the only concern i have is that when i close my powerbook, it doesn’t go out of sleep mode when i reopen the lid. I have to restart the whole computer, kinda sucks, luckily i only “put it to sleep” about once a month by mistake.
    Gotta love the apples1

  6. Emil,
    I’m having the same problem with a G4 12″ iBook, but I’m still on 10.3.9.
    Is anyone else having this problem where the Mac doesn’t come out of sleep mode?
    Is there any way to get the laptop to come out of sleep mode?
    I had to remove the battery and re-boot after re-inserting the battery.
    Any thoughts

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