How to get SimpleText for Mac OS X

The question of a native version of SimpleText for Mac OS X came up in another article discussion, so we thought we’d post the information here, too, for all to see. SimpleText for Mac OS X exists and has for some time. Here’s how you get it. Skip step #1 if you already have Xcode 2 installed.

1. From Mac OS X Tiger’s install DVD, install XCode Tools.
2. Navigate to Developer/Examples/Carbon/SimpleText/
3. Double-click SimpleText.xcode to launch Xcode and click “Build,” wait a moment while it does its thing.
4. In Developer/Examples/Carbon/SimpleText/build/ you will find the 176KB (version 1.6) native for Mac OS X.

Drag it to your Applications folder like any other application. Plop it in your Dock if you like. Classic not required.

Works like a charm, we use it everyday.


  1. I have no need to install XCode. Anyone know where to find a download? Everynow and again DreamWeaver goes left and won’t edit it’s own code and SimpleText comes in handy. TextEdit can do the job, but usually it just renders the HTML without letting you see the code.

  2. In terms of using SimpleText over TextEdit, I use SimpleText when I need to edit/create HTML/CSS (as a hobby) TextEdit is a fine program, and if I need to quickly type something up, I definitely use it. But if I need to edit some code, and I just want something so simple, and able to save as “.txt” or “.htm” or whatever, SimpleText is the way to go for sure!

    I don’t need to have Italics or <u>Underlines</u> or Bold to edit such things. Thanks MDN! More stuff like this!

  3. oh the memories of simpletext….

    3rd grade computer lab

    copy and paste the phrase “lalalalalalala” for at least 50 pages.

    Select “speak text,” voice: cellos (or any voice really)

    Unplug the keyboard and mouse

    Leave the room. Fun for hours.

  4. If you don’t want Text Edit to render the HTML just go

    ‘Shift+ Command+T’

    Or go to the ‘Format’ menu and select ‘Make Plain Text’

    Otherwise it defaults to ‘RTF’ Rich Text Format.

    I like the Simpletext App when All I want to do is type a few things real fast that I can paste into anothe document. No frills. Also it shows all the fonts unter the font menu without having to open the Font Pane (font pain)

  5. “I have no need to install XCode. Anyone know where to find a download?”

    Unless you removed it, you already have Xcode on your Mac. It comes pre-installed on all Macs, but it is not in the Apps folder. Look on the Macintosh HD for the folder called “Developer.” As it is described above, it is just that easy to compile. However, If you foolishly removed xcode, I guess it just sucks to be you.

  6. ??? Since when does XCode come pre-installed? My understanding is that it comes on a CD with your Mac or OSX box, but you have to choose to install it. If what you say is true, that’s one heluva waste of disc space for most users.

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