AOpen’s ‘Pandora’ Mac mini clone to ship by Christmas, US$399 for Linux, $499 for Windows

“AOpen has announced prices and a ship date for its ‘Pandora’ box, the Intel-based clone of the Apple Mac mini,” Mark Hachman reports for ExtremeTech.

“The Pandora will be sold as a complete system, according to a note from the OEM that was sent to reporters this week. The Pandora will sell for an estimated price of $499 for a Windows-based configuration, and $399 for one configured around Linux. Systems will be available by Christmas, the company said,” Hachman reports.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: From a press release issued by AOpen earlier this year: AOpen’s Mini PC is powered by Intel Pentium M processors with built-in DVD-RW and 2.5-inch hard drive. The product is built with mini-PCI 804.11 a/b/g wireless communication module and Bluetooth support. It can also transfer data wirelessly to and from personal computing and communication devices such as PDA and smart phone. The Mini PC also provides DVI, S-Video, and YPbPr connectors so that it can be connected to HDTV, plasma display monitor, large screen display panels, and high definition audio products. More info in related articles below.

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  1. I’ll wait for the Apple Mac mini with the Intel processor inside for $499 that’ll be out by next spring. If I’m going to pay $499 either way, I’d rather have the original with OS X instead of a cheap knockoff with Winblows for the same price.

  2. I wonder if AOpen actually did pay Apple a licence in order to release this clone of the Mini, if not then won’t Apple be suing AOpen for ‘too near likeness’ to the said Mini by Apple?

    Also perhaps once Apple’s Mini, better looking anyhow, has an Intel inside, maybe if the price is right from Intel to keep a similar price point for the Mini feature a duel-core Pentium CPU and cream AOpen’s ‘clone’?

  3. A Linux version for $399…?

    That might be a good proposition instead of Windoze and could be a good choice to replace my current SuSE 9.3 tower to make room for a G5/MacIntel tower that I have been pondering on how to install into my small studio (read bedroom) space and not have to throw out SuSE Linux.

    I am sure my fellow Mac fans/users here won’t object to the use of AOpen’s Pandora running SuSE?

    BTW: I am a GUI user, so other commandline flavours of Linux will not suit me and I have tried!

  4. Couple things:

    (1) No lawsuit – it is similar but it isn’t a duplicate. No more than Widgets are similar but not a duplicate of Konfabulations.

    (2) This is a non-event. The Mac mini is ground breaking not only because Apple put laptop components in a small box, but because it is a _Mac_ for $499. There have been small PCs for a while, cheap PCs for even longer. That someone put them together is a non-event.

    MDN word: men

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