editor: ‘The iPod nano is fast becoming Apple’s next Cube’

“The iPod nano is fast becoming Apple’s next Cube. Like the diminutive desktop machine before it, the nano is being criticized for its alleged cosmetic defects. Apple’s support forums are littered with posts from irate nano owners who say the device’s screen scratches far more easily than it should,” John Paczkowski writes in a blog entitled, “Of course it didn’t scratch on Steve’s turtleneck. Those things are made out of sable, ya know” for’s “Good Morning Silicon Valley.”

“Too bad. Because the nano is an otherwise impressive little device. Perhaps, Apple can use some of the more than 40 percent profit margins it’s getting on the device to outfit it with a sturdier display,” Paczkowski writes.

Full article here.
At least he used the word “alleged” even if there is no sign in his article that he has ever even touched an iPod nano.

John Paczkowski is an editor at and has been writing “Good Morning Silicon Valley” since 1999. Prior to his tenure at, he served as Online Editor for the San Jose Mercury News, Editorial Director of New Media at the San Francisco Bay Guardian, and, once-upon-a-time, as an Editor for Turner Broadcasting’s ill-starred 1995 Web venture SPIV.

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  1. “As soon as Apple comes out with an 8GB model that won’t get scratched up from being rubbing against cotten, I’ll buy one!” – Nick.

    Once Apple comes out with an 8GB model, go ahead and buy it. Cotten isn’t the culprit that scratches the shiney metal surface, rather the tiny bits of dirt that you can’t see, captured in the weave of the cloth. Dirt is nothing more than pulverized rock, which just happens to be much harder than steel. You would be very surprised just how dirty ‘clean’ cotten really is.

  2. >>Of course, that certainly doesn’t mean they’ll ever say anything even remotely intelligent though.<<


    Do you always stereotype certain segments of society ?
    That doesn’t sound too terribly intellegent to me.

    Point of fact: A much longer list could probably be made, of right wing-nuts who never say anything even “remotely intellegent” either .

    But does this mean that all those who lean toward the right are unintellegent ?

    If the forefathers were conservative, our National Anthem would be “Hail to the Queen”

  3. “The iPod nano is fast becoming Apple’s next Cube.”

    That is a ridiculous statement, which first of all proposes that the Cube was a failure, which it wasn’t. It is a much awarded example of outstanding industrial design, as it the iPod nano.

    The FUDmuckers have their knives out now because they have no other way to deal with Apple. They have lost in the marketplace so they resort to yellow journalism and sabotage. While it is possible that the screen has problems, (innocent until proven guilty), it is being blown way out of proportion. I have handled all makes and models of iPods, including the nano, and I don’t see any material differences between them.

  4. “I’ve had my black 4G nano for about a week now and the lcd screen is full of scratches,” writes one. “It seems to me that everytime you take it out of our pocket to change a song or something, it puts scratches on the screen. The screen was scratched minutes after opening it out of the box, but initially I thought it was just me being a little careless with my new toy, so i tried cleaning it with my t-shirt but obviously that isn’t the case anymore. I keep the nano in my jeans pocket with absolutely nothing else and it still gets scratched. I mean whats the point of the nano being soo small when you cannot put anything else in your pocket for the fear of the nano getting scratched.”

    Really! You would put a $250 electronic device in your pocket and expect it to not get damaged, that’s ridiculous! And you polish the screen with your t-shirt? Do you put your laptop in your backpack and throw it around? Does anyone have common sense anymore?

  5. The alleged flaws/cracks in the Cube’s case were actually injection-mold lines. They weren’t flaws at all.

    It looks like the alleged nano screen flaws are just as bogus, so the analogy kinda fits, in a weird backward sort of way.

    Elmer F.U.D. writes: “Does anyone have common sense anymore?”

    No, i don’t think so; “common sense” is now very uncommon.

  6. If I ever buy an iPod, (holding my breath for a bigger HD based one. That is if flash memory dosn’t take over). The first thing I’m gonna do before i even turn it on or plug it into my mac, is PUT A PROTECTVE COVER ON IT. Stick it in an invisible shield, stick that into an iSkin, stick that into one of those leather case thingys and wedge the whole lot into one of those metal armour case things.

  7. what a crappy thread… someone stole the spot light by name calling and this will probabl become a political firing gallery.

    what’s to say that this ‘typical elitist liberal media twit’ isn’t a ‘typical dumbass conservative media bigot’?

    people hear what they want to. no?

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