flawedmusicplayer.com website alleging iPod nano ‘screen flaws’ hosted on Apple’s .Mac

flawedmusicplayer.com, Matthew Peterson’s website that alleges that Apple’s iPod nano units have “broken LCD’s that have no signs of abuse by the user,” is ironically currently being hosted via Apple’s .Mac. .Mac offers the HomePage feature which can be used by .Mac members to create and publish a single webpage, a complete website, or several different sites.

According to text on the site, “I am having some problems with my .MAC [sic] account. Sorry if the links don’t work and I am working on moving the site to a different server.”

Here, try it yourself: http://www.flawedmusicplayer.com/

[UPDATE: 10:54pm ET: We received an email from ipodnanoflaw@yahoo.com, which we assume is from Matthew Peterson, which reads in part, “I have to ask. Why do you feel it noteworthy that the site is hosted on .MAC? It goes to show my devotion to Apple. Yes I have a .MAC account and I think it is great. I thought it was great before last weeks upgrade. People seem to keep debating about whether or not I am just some idiotic apple basher. It should be obvious to anyone that I am not. I love Apple and I love the iPod…” Mr. Peterson could, of course, love Apple very much and be legitimately highlighting a flaw in Apple’s iPod nano design. We merely though it ironic and interesting that his site was hosted on Apple’s .Mac service.]

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  1. I’d rather not. My nano is not at all “flawed” and has been just fine thank you. I think I’d rather just enjoy listening to it instead of reading about something (perhaps real and more likely imagined) that definitely doesn’t affect mine.

  2. Why is it such a big deal that I host the site on .MAC? I think it only shows my devotion to Apple and their products. That is why the Nano disappointed me greatly. I expected a quality product and that is not what I got. I don’t think hundreds of people with the exact same problem is made up. I’m sure all of the iBook logic board mess was made up. Oh and the iPod battery issue as well. Apple can do no wrong, it is all the user. Think again, Hell, Think Different!

  3. mine is great.

    why doesn’t the loser just take it back? maybe because he/she thought that they could put it in their pocket without buying a cheap protective case to prevent scratching or did they not realize that putting super-thin electronics in your pocket is a dumbass move?

  4. My nano should be here sometime next week and I’m not worried.
    If the display stops working/gets scratched, I’m sure Apple will give me a new one.

    They really should do something about all the rumours though, not really what new buyers want to see :/

  5. Case? Where can I find one? Are you from the future (4 to 6 weeks from now?) If you bothered reading my site rather than relying on someone elses opinion to form your own you would know I did take it back, and I was told this isn’t covered and we don’t fix screens. If we did it would cost more than just buying a new Nano so just buy a new Nano. I instead bought a new 20gb Color. I know that won’t break. The only losers here are people who don’t think for themselves.

  6. This is FUD FUD FUD.

    You abuse an iPod you break an iPod. nuf said. I have a 1st gen, a 2nd gen a 3rd gen a mini and a shuffle (no nano yet… but christmas is coming) All will scratch. The shuffle and mini are very tough compared to the regular iPods but they are NOT bricks. Treat them with care and they last for years!

    I suspect that Microsoft/Not-so-Creative and the other also-rans are behind this.

  7. Wow, something is weird here. Check out this email and response from the site:

    “Your comment that Steve took a the iPod Nano from his pocket is
    wrong. He did not pull it out from his pocket, I know because I was

    RESPONSE: Well I was not there, my comment comes from other respected news source articles. Anyway I just got done watching the hour long presentation (So nice of Yo Yo Ma and Madonna to appear) and I never saw him holding the Nano. Funny though because the picture advertising the Quicktime moving of him introducing it shows him holding it, and it appears to be a shot from the presentation. Anyway, him pulling it out of his pocket would have been nice to see in the video, but he constantly referred to “in your pocket” and then when he said “it weighs less than 8 quarters in your pocket” I think it is safe to make the assumption he is talking pants and not shirt. Who puts change in their shirt pocket? Whether or not he pulled it out of his pocket at the presentation, he still talked about it enough. Thanks for the clarification as I with most of the world was not able to attend.”

    What is this? An alternate universe????? This guy claims to have watched the hour long presentation and “never saw him holding the Nano.”????? Steve DID pull the nano out of his pocket AND he was holding it and waving it around a lot:


    Whether the iPod nano screen is prone to scratching or not issue aside, this guys credibility just took a nose dive in my book.

  8. Absolutely none of the photos on that website show displays damaged by scratches. All of those nanos were clearly damaged from excessive pressure of some sort being placed on the LCD screen. My nano is just fine and so is my girlfriend’s. We’ve both had ours for over two weeks now and have placed them in our pockets occasionally as well, but they aren’t damaged nor visibly scratched in any way. I’m really beginning to think that this entire thing is a hoax. Some people really need to find something better to do with their lives, that’s for sure.

  9. I watched the keynote and Steve pulled it out from his jeans pocket and held it up (with the display on) for everyone to see. Go back and watch the damn video and see for yourself!

    Obviously many of these negative posts are from people that don’t really own a nano and obviously have no clue what in the hell they’re even talking about. I’m calling bullshit on this entire thing.

  10. http://arstechnica.com/reviews/hardware/nano.ars/3

    This was an interesting site. Talk about Stress test. They drove over the Nano with a Car! But sitting on it, dropping it…didn’t really damage it. it’s like that timex thing…takes a licking, keeps on ticking… They took the Nano apart afterwards and the structure of the 2GB and 4GB models are different. Maybe that would make a difference…maybe it’s just a QC problem….or maybe all the screen problems aren’t true at all. But whatever…this site sure was interesting.

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