CTIA Wireless I.T. & Entertainment Conference: A wireless Mobile iPod

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During this Wednesday’s last CTIA Wireless I.T. & Entertainment conference session being held from 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM, titled New Media/Content, a mobile iPod is listed in their published synopsis as a topic that will be addressed among others, as follows:

With the flattening of voice ARPUs, will entertainment be the savior for future revenue growth? This panel will debate key issues such as the readiness of networks for video, the convergence of online music and the wireless world, the differences and similarities between mobile content acceptances globally.
Topics include: DVBH vs. DMB vs. MediaFlow, mobile iPod, the future of mobile gaming, the shift of off-deck sales, and applications of the future.

The context of this session including DVBH and iPod is interesting; being that DVB had Approved new guidelines for H.264/AVC Video & High Efficiency AAC Audio Codecs just a year earlier. At that time, Frank Casanova stated that “the DVB selection of AVC is just one more example of where the world is insisting on open standards. It doesn’t matter if you’re a cell phone manufacturer, broadcaster or producer of HD decoded video, interoperability counts. AVC is being ratified into relevancy by all of these standards organizations and Apple is right there.

Frank Casanova delivered a keynote at last year’s CTIA Wireless I.T. & Entertainment Conference.

Macsimum Note: Although this premier event may be right for announcing a new mobile iPod, I doubt that Apple would end their financial quarter with yet another major iPod announcement. It would be interesting to note however, that the recently announced MPEG-A standard illustrated a Music Player including MPEG-21, which is used in connection with ecommerce applications. That would be the right context for a mobile iPod if it were to connect to Apple’s iTunes Music Store (iTMS).

However, being that Apple didn’t create their new iTunes jukebox for Motorola’s ROKR to connect to the iTunes Music Store; I doubt very much that Apple would take such a drastic reversal of course at this time. But stranger things have been known to happen.

We’ll find out tomorrow exactly what this conference session has to reveal about wireless standards (DVBH) and a mobile iPod. But until then one thing’s for sure: if a wireless mobile iPod were to launch this week, I think Ed Zander would have a lot more to say, than “screw the nano!

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  3. Ian, to your comment of: “I thought the iPod was allready mobile. Especially now with the nano. How much more portable can you get.”
    The context of the conference session as listed above is wireless/DVBH: “the convergence of online music and the wireless world. DVBH vs. DMB vs. MediaFlow, mobile iPod” – So “mobility” in this context is definitely about a wireless iPod.

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