Microsoft’s redheaded stepchild: the Macintosh Business Unit

“Microsoft’s Macintosh Business Unit, aka the Mac BU, just released the long – awaited Service Pack 2 for Microsoft Office 2004 Macintosh. In recent months, they announced their commitment to not only the next version of Office, ‘Office 12’ for the Mac, but also to supporting the new XML formats that Office 12 on Windows will have,” John C. Welch writes for “(Note that you’re going to have to go to Mac news sources on the Apple 2005 WorldWide Developer Conference to get the annnouncement from Roz Ho about Mac Office 12, and to Rick Schaut’s blog to get the XML announcement. Finding information on the Mac BU from Microsoft is like finding out about that brother that no one in the family likes. I’m kind of surprised the SP 2 announcement even made it into PressPass. The Mac BU tends to get ignored by the rest of the company.)”

Welch writes, “That last statement The Mac BU tends to get ignored by the rest of the company is a critical one, and the reason for this article. The Mac BU, and Microsoft’s treatment of them, are at a crossroads. Yes, they’ve made some good announcements, and yes, I think they’ll deliver as much as they’re able, or allowed to. I know some of the folks there, and who have worked there in the past, and they are brilliant, focused, and do the best work they can for the resources they have. The Mac BU’s problems aren’t caused because they don’t care about their customers. The Mac BU’s problems are caused because, from what anyone can see, Microsoft doesn’t really care about the Mac BU, and doesn’t really consider the Mac BU’s customers to be ‘real’ Microsoft customers.”

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  1. I have to tell someone….I just bought my first Mac. I have had enough already Microsoft and their crappy software, especially Windows.

    I did however have to buy Office 2004 though (license from work allows purchase for $30) just to ensure that I don’t run in to too many incompatibilities with work stuff. I won’t use it though unless absolutely necessary. If MS ever wants to get another cent from me they had better make sure they maintain that last foot in the door. When Office is gone there is no looking back.

    I think I might like MS more if I am not tied to them.

  2. Actually, the Mac Business Unit is more like Microsoft’s CIA. Don’t they get the OS X developer kits? And then, surprise, surprise, Vista looks and functions a heck of a lot like OS X (or so they hope). I wonder why.

  3. whiners, office:mac is a good product…
    would be hell of a lot better if those two companies stopped taking the shit out of eachother and would just cooperate.. doing each what they can best…. apple doing everything, and ms making office and bring .net to osx :p

  4. Well the feeling is mutual M$. I use Office 2004 only because I have to, but I also don’t mind the fact that I bought the Student/Teacher edition even though I’m not either a student or a teacher. It’s a two way street guys, and as soon as Apple or someone else comes up with a true Office alternative, I’ll be dumping your products completely.

  5. and here, on the other side of the world..

    i am wondering when will they implement Arabic and Hebrew into Office for mac!?!?!?!

    seems like 20 years is not enough for some people…. to figure out that some people are living here… and smart enough to use macs…

    Bad M$ !

  6. Who cares…..90% of the real business world uses M$ and that should be all they care about….

    Why spend $$ to please 5%…

    Yeah I support the Mac OS as well as win32 but let’s face it folks, Mac users don’t care about word processing, spreadsheets and creating presentations, so why bother.

    If u work in a bank or many other corporate environment you “probably” do not have a Mac on your desktop, un less u r like the prez and u can get whatever you wanted.

  7. Bob – I agree, why is it okay to discriminate against red headed people, especially step children? Replace “redheaded stepchild” with any racial epitaph and see what happens. Unwarranted hate about someone’s physical appearance is wrong. The need to use a derogatory statement is poor journalism, it spreads the belief that is okay to discriminate against a person’s appearance and heritage.

  8. I’d bet good money that somewhere deep in One Infinite Loop there is already an Apple version of Office – the full iWork, with the Excel and Entourage equivalents, all fully compatible. As soon as Microsoft drop the ball, by dropping Office for Mac or letting it get too far behind the Windows version, Steve will drop the bomb. Hell, let’s go the whole hog: iWork for Mac and Windows!

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