Motorola CEO Ed Zander on Apple iPod nano: ‘Screw the nano’

Motorola CEO Ed Zander has “some harsh words for Apple’s new iPod nano, which many analysts believe stole the spotlight from Motorola’s ROKR phone during a recent launch event,” Tom Krazit reports for Macworld UK.

“‘Screw the nano. What the hell does the nano do? Who listens to 1,000 songs?’ Zander said,” Krazit reports. “People are going to want devices that do more than just play music, something that can be seen in many other countries with more advanced mobile phone networks and savvy users, he said.”

Full article here.
Now, now, just because Motorola’s ROKR was completely overshadowed and it completely underwhelms…

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  1. “People are going to want devices that do more than just play music, something that can be seen in many other countries with more advanced mobile phone networks and savvy users, he said.”

    Yes, the sales are proving that he is right…

    Oh, wait, nevermind. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  2. what do you mean.. Jobs said the ROKR was like an iPod shuffle… so what’s the problem?

    Well, the problem is this is NOT an iPod.. and people want all the sleek designl of an iPod.. on their phone..

    Sony’s new Walkman phones are purty, btw

    At any rate.. there’s nothing stopping Moto from rolling out various phones, with flip phones and different price points.. and iTunes will be on all of them.. good stuff ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  3. He doesn’t get it. The nano is cool the ROKR is boring.

    He also does not get what customers want. Yes, the ROKR is somewhat boring, but I still would buy one if it could replace my phone and my iPod. Who listens to 1000 songs … apparently me – or more like 4000.

    The reason we need lots of songs is not that we will be listening to all of them, but that we don’t know which ones we will want.

    I bought my first iPod because it could hold my entire CD collection. Then I discovered how really cool it is. The ROKR is a step in the right direction, but it is not enough. It needs more capacity and more cool.

  4. Apple needed the WOW! factor for the event, something the press would write about. It got that with the Nano… but surely we all can see how Motorola might feel “used,” just a bit dirtier after realizing they were only the trogan horse carrying the real prize. Hey Moto wants to make money too! Bless their hearts, they want to make money too….

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