Mossberg: Apple iPod nano ‘beautiful, incredibly thin, and exceeds Apple’s performance specs’

Apple’s iPod nano “was publicly revealed yesterday at a razzle-dazzle marketing event orchestrated by Apple CEO Steve Jobs. But I have been testing a nano for the past few days, and I am smitten. It’s not only beautiful and incredibly thin, but I found it exceeds Apple’s performance claims,” Walter S. Mossberg reports for The Wall Street Journal.

“In fact, the nano has the best combination of beauty and functionality of any music player I’ve tested — including the iconic original white iPod. And it sounds great. I plan to buy one for myself this weekend, when it is due to reach stores in the U.S., Europe and Asia,” Mossberg reports. “Available in classic iPod white, or a lustrous black (my favorite), the nano is not only small, it’s stunningly skinny — about the thickness of five credit cards stacked on top of one another. That means it can be carried easily in even the snuggest of clothing and the smallest of purses, and worn comfortably during exercise.”

“The company says this slip of a player somehow packs in a large enough battery to play continuously for 14 hours,” Mossberg writes. “In my tests, I found that the nano’s battery lasted a bit longer than Apple claims — 14 hours and 18 minutes. And I was easily able to pack around 1,200 songs, plus a couple dozen photos, into the $249 model, because most older pop and rock tunes tend to be shorter than the notional song Apple uses to calculate capacity.”

“There are dozens of small, flash-based music players, but I haven’t seen any that combine the nano’s size and features. These features include the relatively large, 1.5 inch high-resolution color screen; Apple’s famous iPod navigation wheel; and the standard iPod connector port, which links to numerous iPod accessories. Most flash players have tiny screens that are hard to read, lousy navigation and few or no accessories,” Mossberg write. “All I can say is: It sure is small and it sure is cool.”

Full article here.

About Walt Mossberg: Newsweek magazine calls Mr. Mossberg “the most powerful arbiter of consumer tastes in the computer world today.” Time magazine calls him “the most influential computer journalist.” And Rolling Stone calls him “the most powerful columnist in technology.” The Washington Post declared Mr. Mossberg “one of the most powerful men in the high-tech world” and “a one-man media empire whose prose can launch a new product.” And the New York Times calls him a “protean critic of the new economy’s tools and toys.” Mr. Mossberg was awarded the 1999 Loeb award for Commentary, the only technology writer to be so honored. For seven years in a row, 1995-2001, he was named as the most influential journalist writing about computers, in the annual ranking published by Technology Marketing magazine.

Advertisement: Apple iPod nano. 1,000 songs. Impossibly small. From $199. Free shipping.

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  1. “It sure is small, and it sure is cool.” – Hahah, oh yeah…

    I was just really sad yesterday, that after the cingular phone debut Jobs didn’t get up and say “Well, thanks for coming to our presentation, I hope you enjoyed it– oh wait, there is one more thing…”

    But oh well

  2. I have two 3rd gereration 40gbs ipods and I think I’ll sell them both for the nano. I tend not to use my ipods because of their size and I think this will work wonderfully for me. Hopefully I don’t break it while skateing.

  3. The nano rocks, while the ROKR doesn’t. Nuff’ said.
    BTW, “Reality, unchecked” didn’t have a SINGLE thing to say related to Apple, much less the topic of this thread, in his posted gibberish. It’s guys like him (I’d bet good money it’s not “her”) that result in conservatives continuing to win elections. My public spirited side is pleased, but the rest of me thinks: who can stand such a turd?

  4. Did Mossberg get to keep it?
    ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”LOL” style=”border:0;” />

    I heard yesterday that USA ´s military budget is 750 000 000 000$
    ie 750 billion dollars.!!
    War industry profits are up to 25%! That means that war industry makes pure profits this year 187,5 billion dollars!
    Military budget takes more than 50% of the federal budget!!

    War industry + oil industry loves Georg W Bush

    What is even more ridiculous is that USA spends more money in to it´s army than EU, Russia and China together. (Still they can´t get any results)

    PS: BTW This has nothing to do with socialism. It is only question of stupidity.

  5. Walt has the enviable position of having Jobs and Gates on speed dial. Probably their home numbers, too. He’s the guy the tech world likes to go to first, for no other reason than investors will read him before anyone else.

    Of course, you’d better be ready when you call him about a new product, because a bad Mossberg column can ruin your chances of success with a product…

  6. “Did he get to keep it ?”

    I reckon this is the secret of keeping the secret. Sing an NDA that give you the test product at the end if you don’t break the NDA (plus the sue you for every last penny clause). An NDA with a carrot as well as a stick.

  7. Funny, when Mossberg panned the Mighty Mouse MDN was all over him about it:
    But when he glows over the Nano the hypocrites that run this site can’t wait to highlight all his journalistic accomplishments.

    This place is so full of hypocrisy you can almost taste it.

  8. Hey Finland Guy. You only wish your country could spend that kind of cash. Finland’s total GDP is only $151 Billion, compared to $11.75 Trillion for the US. Plus, our unemployment rate is is almost half of your’s. 5.5% versus 8.9%. Why don’t you stick to keeping MDN to Mac news, and keep the political BS on your side of the Atlantic. Euro-snobs…

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