Sony Connect President in wake of iPod nano: ‘we will accelerate our challenge’ to Apple iPod

“Sony Corp. said on Thursday it would sell advanced Walkman portable music players later this year, aiming to move out of Apple Computer Inc.’s shadow in a market the Japanese company created a quarter of a century ago,” News 1 New Brisbane reports.

“The announcement comes hours after Apple unveiled the pencil-thin ‘iPod nano’ digital player and a long-anticipated mobile phone that plays music in a bid to extend its domination of the market. ‘Our previous models have been well accepted by customers in Japan and the United Kingdom. But we are not at all satisfied with where we are now,’ said Koichiro Tsujino, Co-President of Connect, a Sony unit which makes portable music players and offers online music distribution services. ‘I understand a certain company made an announcement earlier today. We will accelerate our challenge with these new models,’ he told a news conference,” News 1 New Brisbane reports.

“Sony’s new models will add the ability to automatically select and play the songs a user listens to most, and also to pick songs released in a certain year — a function Sony calls the ‘time machine shuffle.’ The new models will go on sale in Japan on November 19 and Sony, which introduced the first Walkman in July 1979, aims to launch them overseas by the end of the year… The 20 GB hard-disk model, capable of storing up to 13,000 songs, is expected to retail at around 35,000 yen in Japan, Sony said,” News 1 New Brisbane reports.

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Sony Connect’s Co-President Koichiro Tsujino is holding news conferences. Can you imagine Steve Jobs with a Co-CEO? That wouldn’t be a survivable job, we’d venture to guess. How many presidents does an also-ran portable music player/online music outfit need, anyway? Anyway, Koichiro Tsujino is holding news conference, so we’ve decided to hold our own impromptu news conference:

Ahem… Sony, it’s over. You’ve lost.
Thank you all for coming and enjoy the rest of your day.

[Note: Sony’s ridiculous song capacity claims are based on: Estimated at 4 minutes per song compressing in ATRAC3plus at 48-Kbps. Source: Sony. That’s great, if you like AM radio quality. Apple’s realistic song capacity is based on 4 minutes per song and 128-Kbps AAC encoding.]

Advertisement: Apple iPod nano. 1,000 songs. Impossibly small. From $199. Free shipping.

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  1. pick songs released in a certain year – ‘time machine shuffle’

    you mean Sony only has one kind of smart playing list? And what’s more not even capable to pick songs in a range of years?

    Lame. Is this all it can do?


  2. What I don’t understand about Sony is the sheer number of players they have developed in the past year … it’s amazing … why not concentrate your resources on a few WELL THOUGHT out players instead?

  3. Sony is adding Smart Playlists… without the Smart?

    Any iPod can run a playlist by year or by most-listened-to or by favorite ratings. For years! The nano can too.

    Only with iTunes, you can do a lot more than that. Sony is pre-building a couple Smart Playlists you can’t control, and calling that innovation?

    BTW go check what Sony’s charging for flash players. Yikes.

  4. I’m sure Sony didn’t feel sorry all those years their Walkman literally walked over other brand’s portable cassette/CD players. They dropped the ball and Apple picked it up.

    What is amazing is all the money being spent (and lost) by companies like Sony, Creative, Napster, Real, etc… trying to make a windows solution work.

    MW=free, as in people wouldn’t want these other players even if they were free.

  5. The iPod Nano is going to sell like crazy in Japan. This is the perfect for the Japanese market: extremely small, looks great, and easly customizable. The only way it would sell any better over there is if it had a place for cellphone charms.

  6. “The 20 GB hard-disk model, capable of storing up to 13,000 songs, is expected to retail at around 35,000 yen in Japan, Sony said.”

    Question: How does one store 13,000 songs on a 20 GB hard-drive (MP3 player)? Can you imagine what the sampling size / bit rate must be?


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