Henrico County Manager apologizes for mishandling $50 Apple iBook fiasco

“Just as panicked iBook buyers flooded through the gates, county offices have been flooded with complaints,” WRIC-TV reports. “County Manger Virgil Hazelett tells us Tuesday alone his office received up to 100 phone calls. ‘We’re very concerned and very apologetic for anyone who was in that crowd who became nervous or of course were pushed about and so forth,’ says Hazelett.”

WRIC reports, “Hazelett tells me county officials are trying to respond to every complaint. And he wants the public to know they are also upset and thankful no one was, in their opinion, seriously hurt. ‘I very honestly would not do it in this manner, there are any number of alternatives that we can consider in the future,’ he says.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: In the future? Dude, your school system has switched to Dell. Do you honestly think people will be peeing themselves for four-year-old Dells running Microsoft’s porous Windows XP? Oh right, sorry, forgot who we were talking about, you (and a handful of other Henrico dullards) probably do think such a thing is possible.

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  1. the real apology should be to the teachers and students for pushing the virus-spyware-malware alliance of Windows onto them and forcing them to become Windows technicians instead of spending their time learning about Math, Science, and language.

  2. For $50.00? Yeah, sadly people will stand in line for those too. The 1,000 they sold were reported to be the ones that the system had the most difficulties with. That was ran locally in the paper and was common knowledge. The fact that the parts were worth more than $50.00 justified the desire to have one.

  3. “County Man[a]ger Virgil Hazelett tells us Tuesday alone his office received up to 100 phone calls. ‘We’re very concerned and very apologetic for anyone who was in that crowd … there are any number of alternatives that we can consider in the future,’ he says.”

    MDN is right.

    Hey Virgil, nobody is going to want a 4 year old Dell P.O.S. when it comes time for you to get rid of them, so don’t sweat it.

    What the ‘public officials’ in Henrico County should have realized is that: 1) Apple’s iPod is one of the ( if not THE) most popular consumer electronics device in the country and that 2) there are many people that would be willing to shank their grandmother (not that any of us would want THAT to happen) for a $50 Apple iBook.

    How out of touch with reality are these guys???

    Hey Virgil, nobody, I repeat, NOBODY is going to give a crap about a 4 year old Dell laptop when it comes time for Henrico County to unload those, so relax. One of your ‘alternatives’ would be to write them off the books and send them to the local landfill. That would be the best use for them.

  4. The point is that when the Dell’s they just bought are 4 years old, they won’t be selling them to anyone because they won’t actually WORK anymore by that time. So no, there won’t be any repeat stampede in Henrico County in 2009…

  5. MDN,

    Yes, I actually do think folks would have clammoured for 4yr-old Dells if they had been offered. There are a lot of people in the surrounding area which could not afford a new iBook or Dell. The video clips of the people who were there could have clued you in. The $50 price would be attractive to quite a few low-income folks who otherwise would not have a computer in their homes.

    Stop being a dullard yourself and consider the fact that not everyone can afford new computer regardless of the how inexpensive it is.

  6. Additionally, 20 folks returned from the iBook riot to find their cars had been towed and were forced to pay $180 to get them back.

    Police had only authorized one car to be towed because it was blocking a fire hydrant.



  7. I had a Dell notebook and it was a piece of crap. Talk about cheap. The screen wasn’t very good (although new ones are much better), the power management features did not work well, oh the spyware, the flimsy keyboard broke, and the joystick would get stock so the mouse pointer would run off the screen.

    Unless I’m forced by management I will not get another Dell.

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