The Seattle Times: Apple iBook ‘a great laptop for students’ (with no viruses or spyware)

“Foggy mornings have settled around Seattle, summer is slipping away, and the planning side of my brain is beginning to contemplate the coming school year,” Linda Knapp writes for The Seattle Times. “My youngest is starting junior high and wants a computer of her own. She’s fallen in love with the Apple iBook notebook computer I’ve been using lately and wants one for doing homework (plus photos, music, e-mail and everything else).”

“The oldest is now in graduate school and wants to bring a laptop for taking notes, studying in the library and working with others on collaborative projects,” Knapp writes. “No parental promises, but the [Apple] iBook would be an excellent choice for both students… I like the iBook because it’s affordable, easy to use, comes with wireless capabilities for connecting to a campus network and iLife software (with iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD and Garage Band) for storing and processing music, photos and movies. It also comes with AppleWorks, which includes word processing, spreadsheet, database, drawing, painting and presentation applications. One of the best reasons to choose an Apple computer is they’re a lot less prone to attract spyware or be infected by computer viruses than Windows PCs… I think it’s a great laptop for students, and for me too.”

Full article, from the paper delivered daily to Bill Gate’s lakeside palace, here.

MacDailyNews Take: Linda writes that Macs are “a lot less prone to attract spyware or be infected by computer viruses than Windows PCs.” Apple Macs sold today run Mac OS X, the world’s most advanced operating system, and have had zero viruses and no spyware targeted towards them. We wonder why writers constantly seem to avoid that issue with terms like “a lot less prone.” Are they so afraid of stating absolutes even when they’re facts?

Still, this is great advice from Linda! Bill Gates’s morning coffee won’t taste quite so great when he cracks open his local paper to the “Business & Technology” section today.

For our Windows-only friends: If you’re considering adding a safe, powerful, elegant, and fun Mac OS X machine to your computing arsenal, information about how to do so smoothly, can be found here. For inexpensive entry to the Mac platform, you might want to take a look at Apple’s new iBook which starts at just $999 — it just might be the perfect machine for you.

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  1. Perhaps the ‘good folks’ on the Henrico & Cobb county school boards should become familiar with Ms. Knapp’s article.

    It might help them to get a bit of a clue…

    MaWo is ‘thought’. As in: “Just a thought…”

  2. Should the Mac have virus protection software installed? Is it necessary to purchase such products?

    Is there a consensus, or any studies, that give good advice either way?

    I’ve found nothing on Apple’s web sites about this subject. I’ve found lots of opinions about how safe the Mac OSX is, with it’s underlying USB Unix, but nothing technical that describes how safe the OS really is.

    Any thoughts?

  3. Just read about the customs-system in Miami and other PoE’s in the US being down, causing cues and waiting times of more then 5 hours.
    No reason given yet, but rumors about a virus in the customs computers.

    MW: ‘hope’, let’s hope it’s not a Windoze System but it would explain a lot.

  4. oooh but watch out, don’t be tricked by Steve Jobs into locking yourself into Apple hardware. I mean, after all who would want to have to continue to buy products that work really well, are fun to use, and have almost no risk of being infected by spyware or viruses.

    Yeah who would want that? Watch out for Apple’s trickery. Dont be fooled by their superior products.

  5. “Should the Mac have virus protection software installed? Is it necessary to purchase such products? “

    Yes, have that virus software in the event someone maybe might possibly does do a Mac virus. But the best reason to have it is that it also screen for Windows virueses on attachments and prevents you from accidentally forrwarding them to people who CAN be infected by them.

  6. I really think that MDN should start being a bit more selective with their list of related articles. It’s all well and good being comprehensive but it gets to a point when it becomes daungting to people who may actually be interested and in turn becomes less useful.

  7. As with most problems in this world, to know the cause, look in the mirror. In this case the problem is “journalists afraid to state absolutes, no matter how well supported the absolute is”. And the cause is “bitchy readers who will tear the journalist a new butthole if he missed even the tiniest, most insignificant counterexample to the absolute”.

    Most tech journalists are “pretty sure” there’s no Mac OS X viruses or spyware, but they don’t KNOW there isn’t one out there. For all they know, some weird virus might have been announced yesterday in some obscure journal they haven’t read. And unless they’re Mac-specific writers, they don’t live and breathe Mac news like we do. They don’t want to be caught pretending to know something that they’re only “pretty sure” of.

    So give these folks a break. Most of them have learned the hard way to be afraid of absolutes.

  8. Yes, the Mac is “less prone” to to attract spyware or be infected by computer viruses” just like an ostrich is less prone to soaring like an eagle, or a whale is less prone to running in marathons.

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