Analysts propel Apple Computer shares higher, predict new iPods, Macs at Apple Expo Paris

“Shares of Apple Computer pushed further into record territory Monday, boosted by a pair of favorable reports from Wall Street analysts,” Troy Wolverton reports for

“Caris analyst Mark Stahlman upgraded Apple’s shares to above average from average in a report Monday, saying the company will soon roll out a series of upgraded computers and other products. While other computer makers have had trouble garnering interest for their high-end offerings, Apple’s updated computers will likely stand out, he said in a research note,’ Wolverton reports. “Meanwhile, Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster left his outperform rating on Apple unchanged and named the company his top large-stock pick for the rest of the year. Munster said the company should exceed its conservative guidance for the September quarter, and the analyst added that new products and share gains should spur future sales and earnings growth.”

Wolverton reports, “In recent trading, Apple shares were up $1.68, or 3.6%, to $47.78. The stock was up as much as $2.23 to $48.33 earlier in the session… The move marked the second straight session in record territory for Apple. On Friday, the company’s stock reached a record high amid rumors that the company will soon launch a music site with Google and speculation that the company’s Macintosh line is taking market share from PC leader Dell.”

“Stahlman predicted the company would soon unveil the so-called video iPod, the long-rumored successor to the company’s wildly popular digital music players that will be able to play movies. Apple is likely to roll out the new computers and products at its 2005 Expo in Paris next month, if not sooner, he said,” Wolverton reports. “For his part, Munster predicted that Apple will introduce a new, potentially higher capacity version of its low-end iPod shuffle and a color-screen version of its midrange iPod mini.”

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  1. Who’s whining? I made over three thousand dollars on Apple Computer since Friday’s closing. I’m not a ‘Fan-boy’ I’m an Investor in Apple, and 3rd party software developer. I was just surprised. That’s all.

  2. Heady days indeed for longtime Apple fans. Now that others are starting to see the benefits of Macs etc. I am torn between smug self-satisfaction, and self-satisfied smugness. (with apologies to AtAT/Jack)

    MW ‘standard’ as in “OS X the new standard in computing”

  3. Oh, I think new iPods will indeed be arriving.

    I am really not too much in the market, but it would be nice. I have a 2G and it works, and there are no perfs avail. for it…

  4. This is the line that grabbed my attention:

    “While other computer makers have had trouble garnering interest for their high-end offerings, Apple’s updated computers will likely stand out”

    Hmmmmm, how interesting…

  5. RE: F–K YOU MDN

    Freedom of the press exists only for those who own one. I applaud the owners of this “press” to remove anything they find offensive. Government censorship is bad, but I am sure that those who run MDN would prefer to discourage those who do not have the intellegince to participate in a civil discussion from bringing down this one.

    Thank you MDN for elevating the discussion and not allowing it to fall into the sewer.

  6. “Reader feedback that consists of only the words “first post” will be removed whenever we feel like it because:
    • such posts are self-evident
    • we get bored with them periodically
    • we pay for the bandwidth.”

    I thought it was all the ads that your readers have to put up with that pay for the bandwidth, but why split hairs right?

  7. to the poster who claimed he “made over 1,000” on friday;
    i presume you actually SOLD stock on that day? idiot.
    for if you dont sell stock, then what you have is an on-paper theorized non-realized gain.
    for true investors, this aint worth shit.
    so what: did you sell, or not?
    let us know if you are a person who doesnt know anything about investing, or, just an idiot who did sell.

  8. I see the MW Paris speculation has heated up. I don’t know much about Stahlman’s track record but Munster has been pretty accurate with prior reports. So likely 2GB shuffle for $149, 6GB mini for $199, and 8GB mini color for $249 at MW Paris.

    a. Does 2GB shuffle get a display? If yes, do they still call it a shuffle?
    b. Does 6GB mini get color or is it just a price cut? I think just a price cut and color will be the upsell feature.
    c. Will iTunes 5.0 get rolled out or will that have to wait for new full-sized iPods?

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