Henrico residents object to public sale of Apple iBooks

“As bargain hunters prepare for Henrico County’s $50 laptop sale, some county residents say they should have first dibs on picking the Apples,” The Richmond Times-Dispatch reports. “Graduating seniors at Henrico high schools were allowed to reserve a school-issued Apple iBook, but the Aug. 9 sale of 1,000 machines is open to the public. One Henrico resident said she would have liked all county high school students, who pay to insure the laptops, to have the chance to pluck one before the public. At least offer them first to Henrico residents, another said.”

“The first hints of a public sale of the iBooks drew a major response, and since Thursday, when the sale details were given, Henrico schools have received more than 1,000 e-mails and phone calls, one official estimated,” The Richmond Times-Dispatch reports.

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  1. Must be that Appleworks OS that everybody is after.

    But seriously, I wonder if the idiots on the school board are getting a glimmer that they are seriously mismanaging the taxpayers money. The funny thing is, the error they are making by pricing the iBooks so low is small in comparison to the monumental one they are making by switching to Dell. That one is backed by the lemming effect tho, since the majority of the world is choosing an inferior product to save a few dollars up front (even tho it costs them way more in the long run), they think it can’t be the wrong decision, I mean, everybody else is doing it.

  2. iBooks aren’t good enough for your students, then why do you care who gets to buy these “useless” computers?

    The irony is thick here. I hope to snag myself one just to spite them.


    note to self: switch to decaf lemongrass tofu smoothies.

  3. I hope the $50,000 they’re going to make off these iBooks will pay for a couple of entry level technicians who are going to spend all their time removing spyware and viruses off the Dell laptops.

  4. Again, everyone who gets one of these should wipe the hard drive and install 10.3.9 on it.

    10.3 CDs can be found inexpensively online at places like Other World Computing. (I’m not affiliated in any way with them.)

  5. I wouldn’t touch one of those G3 iBooks with a 10ft pole. I doubt they are refurbed to any degree. And I doubt much care was given to most of these machines by their students. They are running Mac OS 10.2, don’t have Office, either.

    I think the utility of these laptops are in buying in bulk for for some repair facility.

    But, the student who used it should have the right of first refusal to buy at $50.

  6. They have to justify their decision to switch to Dells by showing how “lousy” these Macs are by selling them at a price that supposedly indicates what they are worth …

    Some PC Mac hater guy came up with this scenario .. a final boot to Apple … 50 buck pieces of crap is what he is saying …

  7. Some PC Mac hater guy came up with this scenario

    The IT guy who was getting bored servicing Macs (ie. mopping the floor, taking out the trash, etc)

    I mean seriously, where have we seen this scenario before..

    Don’t ask your Barber if you need a haircut.

  8. I repeat.
    Typical government workers. No concern for money, because they’ve never had to live in the real world, just slurp some more out of the public trough. Jokers, every one of them. The administrator could have put them all on eBay with a hundred dollar start bid. But no, they’ll probably pay 10 or more people, double time to collect the $50 from hundreds of eager buyers. Dorks, all of them ( school board).

    MW. blood. As in, some needs to be spilled in Henrico Country.

  9. Henrico county residents are not the only ones who pay for their school supplies. There is plenty of state and federal money going into the school system up there, so the local students don’t have any more of a claim on those school supplies than anyone else. If they want to keep discarded computers to themselves, they can always forego state and federal monies…

  10. The conspiracy theory:
    May be one of the board members is getting ready to buy all the ibooks in good working condition, just as the door opens, so he/she could ebay them off at profit…

  11. Of course the County wants to get as many iBooks as possible OUT of the district. Every laptop left will be a point of comparison- “Why does this old, used iBook run so much better than that new Dell?” I am surprised they don’t burn ’em!!!

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