Portal Player CEO drops hints of next-gen Apple iPods?

“As expected buoyant iPod sales drove prosperity for Apple’s music player chip partner, Portal Player. The company released its second quarter results yesterday, declaring net second quarter income of $6.3 million. Portal Player’s net income in its year-ago quarter was a loss of $880,000; while the firm earned $7.8 million in its first 2005 quarter,” Jonny Evans reports for Macworld UK. “Company president and CEO Gary Johnson hinted that new multimedia products integrating his company’s technologies would ship in the second half of this year, saying: ‘We have completed the design win activity for our customers’ exciting new models intended to ship in the second half of 2005… As planned, we also invested in additional engineering resources to support our strategic roadmap going forward… During the second quarter, we also accelerated our investment in innovative wireless technologies that we believe will help fuel our growth in 2006 and beyond.'”

Full article here.


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  2. Gary Johnson better watch what he says or he could face the dreaded ‘Wrath of Jobs’.

    Portal Player would be up the creek without a paddle if they list the iPod account.

  3. Actually, he did not mention Apple. Other companies can use Portal’s products as well.

    MW: defense – as in Gary Johnson’s defense.

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  4. Or perhaps a Bluetooth iPod — since all new iBooks come with BT (seems fishy).

    You could sync wirelessly, send songs to your BT phone for ringtones or something … download pics from your BT phone, use BT headphones, sync address book or other stuff automatically when you get near your computer …

    Or even use it to lock your machine when you’re not near. (or almost any other Sailing Clicker-like action)

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