Henrico residents object to public sale of Apple iBooks

“As bargain hunters prepare for Henrico County’s $50 laptop sale, some county residents say they should have first dibs on picking the Apples,” The Richmond Times-Dispatch reports. “Graduating seniors at Henrico high schools were allowed to reserve a school-issued Apple iBook, but the Aug. 9 sale of 1,000 machines is open to the public. One Henrico resident said she would have liked all county high school students, who pay to insure the laptops, to have the chance to pluck one before the public. At least offer them first to Henrico residents, another said.”

“The first hints of a public sale of the iBooks drew a major response, and since Thursday, when the sale details were given, Henrico schools have received more than 1,000 e-mails and phone calls, one official estimated,” The Richmond Times-Dispatch reports.

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  1. This Henrico School board is full of dolts. First they drop iBooks for Dell. Then they price the iBooks at just $50, which is way under value. Then they don’t offer them first to the people that paid for them. Idiots. I wouldn’t be surprised if a few of those board members aren’t replaced in the next election.

  2. They are the ones who didn’t want Macs in the first place!

    I say they should be the last ones to get ’em…

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  3. i´m coming with a semi-truck and will be there at 6 in the morning the day before! i am buying any and all – I also offer $150 cash to anybody that buys one.

  4. It makes sense to me. Their taxes originally paid for them. At least these people know the value of a Mac. If it were the other way around (dumping Dells to get Macs), most of the Dells would end up in the county dump.

  5. “They are the ones who didn’t want Macs in the first place!

    I say they should be the last ones to get ’em…”

    AMEN, brotha!

    If I were the school board, I’d put ’em on ebay and pocket the prof…er…put it in the budget for the schools..yeah, that’s what I’d do. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”cheese” style=”border:0;” />

  6. Parents of students: We hate macs, we hate macs!

    School administrators: We hate them too, You can buy them for $50.

    Parents of students: We love macs, we love macs!

  7. Should have offered them for $50 to the high school students who used them, then the rest for $50 to other county students, then whatever is left to the public for maybe $250 (I don’t know how old these are.), with a discount for Henrico County residents.

    Better yet, auction them off. Some boneheaded MDN reader would probably pay a premium.

  8. A quick look on eBay leads me to believe they could get at least $400 for the all-white G3 iBooks. Even blueberry clamshells are selling for more than $50. I am sure the schools could have used that money for clubs or something. What a waste.

  9. This fiasco makes me laugh!

    They poo ppo the ibook scheme for windows crap and when the ibooks are gonna be dumped they want first dibs!


    Not good enough for your school but good enough for your homes eh??

    Talk about double standards!!

    Makes me sick.

  10. This is a riot. These Macs will be gone within literally minutes of them going on sale. Most of them will then show up on eBay, where they will be sold for hundreds of dollars. The school district is flushing hundreds of thousands of dollars down the toilet, in an era when all public schools are strapped for cash.

    Idiocy. Sheer, utter idiocy.

  11. Not all of the parents were opposed to the iBooks. If a parent or student paid $50.00 for the repair fee, they should have first dibs on the machines. Once again the school board has made a decision that the community isn’t going to be happy with. Lest we judge, those who could do better should apply for the job, if not in Henrico at least in your own community.
    : )

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