Doctors say London bombing victim’s hearing ‘saved by his Apple iPod earphones’

Tad Grglewiecz, a 52-year old civil engineer from Cricklewood, North London survived the recent London terrorist bombings.

“Doctors told him his hearing was saved by his iPod earphones. He was treated at the scene by a female doctor from the British Medical Association, whose headquarters were next to the bus blast. ‘I was bleeding heavily, so without her help it could have been very serious for me. Last night I went into theatre to have my wounds cleaned. There were bits of bus in me. It was a miracle I was not more badly injured considering how close I was to the explosion. The help I received from people was extraordinary,'” The Independent reports.

Full article here.

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  1. this is one time I actually wish that the iPod was NOT mentioned in the article. It was quite unnecessary to mention that the earphones were for an iPod, and it detracts from a very serious story.

  2. Oh please…mentioning that his iPod earphones saved his hearing does not at all detract from this story. It’s nice whenever we can get any good news we can related to victims surviving such a horrible event…

  3. “I can’t believe no one asked HOW they saved this guys hearing. All it says is it did but nothing else. “

    The earbuds weren’t actually IN his ears, they were around his neck, but they sensed danged and sprouted little hands that reached up and covered his ears before the explosion.

    Ok, now really, how hard is it to figure out that having earbuds that fill your ear canal are actually sorta similar to EARPLUGS!

  4. There is also an automatic muscular reaction to sudden high noise levels which breaks, or severely reduces the function of the middle-ear. The link from the ear-drum, through the levers of the ossicles to the oval window of the cochlear.

    That’s not going to help with continuous high sound pressure levels, like from stupid prolonged use of headphone (any headphone, not just iPod ones).

    But having something stuck in your ears is obviously going to help a bit. They’re going to help prevent outside noise getting to the ear-drum in the same way as ear-plugs do. Or just sticking your fingers in your ears.

    Just common sense, innit ?

  5. Like whoa Hammer, thanks ya dumb shit…

    This whole Apple Ipod headphones thing is getting ridiculous.

    The headphones barely go into your ear so I couldn’t really see how they could help that much. On top of that, the article is poorly written.

  6. Oh, Chomper,
    You’re just making a bigger fool of yourself by insisting. Just admit that you were trying to be a smart aleck and, instead, sounded like a dolt.
    Give it up.

  7. Again another excuse to mention ipod in an article in order to get attention. The story is valid enough on its own really. Should we all now go around with headphones or earplugs in on the off chance that some really loud noise occurs? Of course not, this guy was lucky, that’s all but add ipod and it’s oh so much more interesting. I suppose it’s flattering that apple has such brand recognition that people feel the need to mention it all the time but it gives the impression that apple earphones are in some way radically different from every other brand out there when they’re not. Bottom line – really loud noise can be harmful – when exposed to loud noise something that blocks the loud noise is helpful.

  8. I have question…

    Why is it important to mention that this was a FEMALE doctor?

    Is there an implication that they worse than men? Why didn’t the other article specify that it was a MALE doctor.

    MW: she

  9. what complete and utter bullshit…

    I was looking for beer in the fridge when the blast went off.. there was some Bon Jovi playing in the background.. so i didn’t really hear the blast.. thanks bon jovi..

  10. Al,
    Certain details are added to get a better image and feel of the story. Details like female doctor, 52 year old civil engineer, descriptions of the wound. In contrast, making the story a commercial for an iPod is disrespectful to the people involved in a very tragic event while adding no useful information to the story.

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