Microsoft employees squeamish about ‘podcast’ term, try using ‘blogcast’ instead

“One of the bigger trends on the Internet right now is ‘podcasting,’ in which someone can subscribe to amateur and professional audio programs, automatically downloaded to a portable device. The name is derived from the words broadcasting and iPod, Apple Computer’s music player. And that poses a slight problem for Microsoft employees who want to take part in the trend. The iPod uses a music format that rivals Microsoft’s Windows Media, and Microsoft software, in turn, runs devices that compete with the iPod,” The Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports.

“So how do you create a ‘podcast’ without implicitly acknowledging the ubiquity of the product from one of your company’s competitors? Why, you ‘blogcast,’ of course. That slightly awkward name, apparently derived from the words weblog and broadcast, is being used by several Microsoft employees to offer their own audio programs over the Internet,” The Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Note to Microsoft employees using the term “blogcast” instead of podcast: you’re looking foolish. You lost. Get used to it, more losing is on the way. The Age of Mediocrsoft is ending.

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  1. wow…why stop there…as long as you’re trying to rename stuff…go for microcast…or name it after the windoze media player and call it BUFFERCAST!

  2. A blogcast is nothing like a podcast.

    Blogs are electronic diary entries on a website – a podcast is a audio show/content published to itunes.

    All Microsoft have done here is totally confuse people with the term ‘blogcast’.



    Expect some new entries in the Official Oxford English Dictionary in 2006:

    1. Ipod
    2. Podcast

  3. Personally, I’m of the opinion that the term ‘blogcast’ is actually better for what we’re describing here… more generic…

    Why do I think this way? Ask the companies that make facial tissue, photocopiers and acetylsalicylic acid… Or, Kleenex, Xeroxes and Aspirin, for those who use the trademarked names interchangeably with the generic names.

    Apple runs the risk of diluting it’s brand recognition by making ‘iPod’ or its variants interchangeble with a particular process or technology.

  4. “WMAcast” (M$ consider this copyrighted as of this moment) doesn’t quite do it either. Get used to the term M$! I hope Balmer and Gates can understand they’ve lost.

  5. I had a blog cast hanging from my nsoe this morning….

    What about the 99% of podcasts that dont have anything to do with blogs…. is MS retarted?

    Hey bill, Why dont you cash that check from claria and call it quits… for real.. just go away..

  6. A quick Google search displays over 64,000 records using the term blogcast, most of the first page references Microsoft. Of course a search for podcast returns 11,600,000 records, so I’d say Microsoft still has quite the way to go. Besides even Wikipedia redirects the term blogcast back to podcasting . I’d say a year and half ago would have been the time to combat the term.

  7. Believe it or not, “he” is both the male and neuter form in English, yet there are those who persist in euphemistic foolishness as “he/she” in speech, as well as writing. Changing the name from podcast to something else sounds just as silly and transparent.

    By the way, it was called “xerography” before it was called photocopying.

  8. tunecast?

    Podcast works for me. Generic? Everytime someone says Kleenex the company gets a little ad. Who here hasn’t cringed when someone says “open a new WINDOW’ while referring to a Mac application.

  9. Right on regarding he/she. Screwing up the English language to satisfy some idiotic political agenda is not a good idea. And no, I also don’t like “herstory” instead of history. That’s the same mindset that got a DC mayor’s aide fired because he use the word niggardly, and some ignoramus in the meeting mistakenly thought it was a racial epithet. Resist the language police!!
    Just one girl’s opinion,

  10. Left Rear Tire–

    Who here hasn’t cringed when someone says “open a new WINDOW’ while referring to a Mac application.

    Ummm… Mac had “windows” before Windows ever did. Why would you cringe?

  11. Another example of an outright STUPID name MS comes up for something. Im surprised they don’t call it something like Windows Media Enhanced Personal Recording Platform or some nonsense like that.

    What was the last thing they came up with? Hypervisor? Frickin stupid.

    MW society, as in Society has deemed the name is Podcast, not some Microsoft inspired pseudo-name.

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