Hearing Loss News: iPods can damage your ears

“Jeff Hurst, 24, and Gianni Lee, 19, love their music so much they listen to it on their iPods for hours – maybe too many hours,’ Shirley Wang reports for Hearing Loss News and Reviews. “Hearing experts wonder whether the frequent use of these devices, particularly with the inserts that sit within the ear, are contributing to noise-induced hearing loss. ‘The incidence of hearing loss is underappreciated,’ said Thomas Willcox, associate professor in otolaryngology at Thomas Jefferson University. ‘We’re going to have a boom of this population because of the increased exposures that previous generations haven’t had.'”

MacDailyNews Take: Previous generations? Hasn’t the Walkman been around for over 26 years now?

Wang continues, “Willcox has seen several teenage patients in the last year whose parents brought them in complaining that their kids listened to the television very loudly and didn’t respond when they were told to turn it down. The parents wanted to know if their kids were just being typical teenagers or if they had a hearing problem. ‘They don’t have ear disease,’ said Willcox. ‘The ultimate risk factor is that they’re using their iPods frequently.'”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: In related news, jabbing scissors into your eyeballs can cause blindness. In all seriousness, though, be kind to your ears and keep the volume down on your iPod and any other device that makes sound, so that you’ll be able to hear well for your whole life. It isn’t an iPod issue, it’s a volume issue; making your ears ring is not a good idea.

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  1. hmm.. if i plug my white earbuds into the tv at watch the OC at full volume..who do i sue

    b)Sony (Walkman creator)
    c)Toshiba (TV)
    d)Fox (The OC)

    Wow.. a real American quagmire..

  2. The real problem is that our cities are so loud. If I want to hear my iPod over the subway noise, traffic noise, construction noise, etc, I need to crank up the volume. If I want it to blot out that noise completely, I need it even louder.

  3. Ummm, here’s an idea, STOP PLAYING YOUR MUSIC SO LOUD!!!

    In NYC, there are so many idiots listening to music at such a high volume that the rest of the subway/bus can hear them.

    Is it a wonder they are going deaf? I’m tired of stupid people not taking responsibility for their own actions.

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