Rush Limbaugh and Apple Computer working to bring podcasts of radio show to iTunes Music Store

It seems that sometime soon, you’ll be able download podcasts of Rush Limbaugh’s radio show from Apple’s iTunes Music Store and/or Rush Limbaugh’s web site is currently sporting note stating, “Podcast coming soon. Daily downloadables will be here very soon, folks. Be There on Day One of the Rush Podcast.” A transcript of Rush’s comments to a caller, Bob in Louisville, Kentucky, inquiring about podcasts of The Rush Limbaugh show reads:

“I can’t tell you the number of requests… about getting the podcast the program, make MP3s available and we are in the process of setting up a system for that to happen. I don’t know when it’s going to happen. In fact, I was expecting that it was going to happen two weeks ago. It’s running a little bit behind so I’m not comfortable giving you a firm date but I can tell you that we are working on it…. I think there may be an attempt here to tie it in with the Apple Music Store. If that works out, it would be great. If it doesn’t… I think there’s some tie in that we’re trying to do with Apple and I’m not sure how far that’s advanced. I know it’s been worked on. Countless, thousands of people are asking me about this. So actually I’m glad you called, to be able to take the occasion of your call to express it or explain the process here. I wish I had a more firm and definite date for you. All I can tell you is it’s one of the things at the top of the list that we’re working on… If I had to guess, it’s something that will happen. I just don’t know when. “

“The Rush Limbaugh Show” is currently carried by more than 650 U.S. radio stations and is heard by nearly 25 million people weekly.

Transcript of Rush Limbaugh’s comments here.

[UPDATE: 2:58pm EDT: Rush Limbaugh announced today on his radio broadcast that podcasts of his show will be available on June 3 at Thanks, MDN Reader, Scott Kay. It it not known whether or not Apple’s iTunes Music Store will be involved in any way.]

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  1. He used to be a writer for the old SNL (original cast). I’m not sure how that in any way entitles his opinions to be considered as somehow enlightened. He wasn’t that funny then and he sure isn’t funny now. What the libs don’t get about the Rush Limbaugh Show is that it is good radio first. He is a pro and worked long and hard to get where he is today. Franken is just there because the libs will rally around anybody they can find.

  2. Al Gore wrote: “is there a market for right wing propaganda ??

    never mind … I forgot, some people actually believe Fox News is is news”


    That’s because Fox news IS news. Newsweek, a liberal mag, is the one responsible for over a dozen deaths for its false “Koran down the toilet” lie. You liberals never learn, and I suspect the main reason for this is that you all are irretrievably obtuse.

    Have a nice day!

  3. MDNMW: season – as in: ‘Tis the season for left-wing/right wing flame wars!


    Oh, BTW, Al Franken is big, fat-headed idiot!

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