Analyst: High-end Apple iPods and Mac mini sales ‘have slowed down considerably’

“Thomas Weisel Partners analyst Kevin Hunt told clients that while checks suggested continued strong demand for iMac G5, refreshed PowerBook and iPods — especially iPod mini and shuffle — Mac mini sales are disappointing and high-end iPods appear to have slowed down considerably. ‘Our checks suggest Mac mini sales are somewhat slow, as consumers realize that price including monitor is no bargain,’ he said,” Wanfeng Zhou reports for MarketWatch.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Of course high-end iPod sales have slowed. There are more different iPod models now to choose from, like the iPod shuffle line. New iPod buyers are more likely to try the iPod shuffle (and miss much of what’s so great about the iPod, but that’s another story) than an iPod photo. Perhaps it would be a good idea if Apple advertised the Mac platform and the Mac mini on television? Ask twenty people at random if they know anything about Apple’s Mac mini and/or Mac OS X. You’ll be lucky to find one who has even heard the names.

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  1. Mini Mac might get more interest if some third parties were selling inexpensive mini monitors and keyboards to fill the market gap between a portable and a desktop Mac packaged in one carry case. – or are these products available? What I’ve seen on line isn’t inexpensive.

  2. I’m giving my daughter my 3g 20gig iPod. She’s outgrown her mini so that’s going to mom. Me, I’m getting a new iPod Photo to go with my new Canon EOS DIgital Rebel!

    That’s why high end sales have slacked off: not enough daughters filling up their Mini’s.

  3. Of course sales have slowed. The high-end iPods are due to be refreshed as they were introduced on 26 Oct 2004 (almost 7 months ago). Duh! Give us some real analysis.

  4. If Mac mini sales are so slow, then why did I see a very recent article that stated that 1 in every 3 Macs sold at Apple Stores are minis? I personally know of 4 different people that have bought one (and 2 were entirely new to Macs) in the past 3 months. So as for this story, I don’t buy it…

  5. I don’t think so. I test every day top sellers on electronics in Amazon, and iPod 20 GB is always between the top 3, and in the last two or three weeks for the first time an iPod photo (30 GB) has been between the top 25 (now is 19).

  6. I’m about to help move my aunt to a Mac mini. She’s scary computer-illiterate, so a Mac should be perfect for her. I’m even going to give her the one-button mouse that came with my PowerMac.

  7. I would be very surprised if Mac mini sales are disappointing. My impression is that they’re actually very good, and they should be. Some advertising wouldn’t hurt, of course.

  8. I can’t help feel that this is BS!

    I have four prospective customers for minis just from friends who have gotten tired of PC crap and want to move to Mac and recycle their old keyboard, etc. And I’m not even an accredited reseller.

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