Fastest Apple G5 Power Macs versus fastest Windows PCs

Bare Feats has posted various test results comparing “CPU Crunching” for a Dual G5/2.5GHz Power Mac vs. Dual G5/2.0GHz Power Mac vs. Dual Xeon 3.4GHz vs. Pentium 4 3GHz vs. 64 bit Athlon 2.2GHz = 3GB of 333MHz DDR which shows that the top G5 Power Mac (dual 2.5GHz) won every CPU intensive test except one.

Test results here.

Bare Feats explains, “Though the G5 Power Macs did well in the CPU tests, they were pretty much ‘smoked’ in the 3D GRAPHICS tests. Part of it as to do with how much effort developers put into optimizing (or re-writing) the game code to take advantage of the unique features of the G5 Power Macs. Quake 3 Arena, though considered obsolete by avid gamers, is a perfect example of the potential of the G5 Power Macs to excel in gaming.”

Test results here.


  1. Yet, people get upset when Apple makes their fastest processor claims. But no one says anything when Napster claims to be the biggest brand in digital entertainment. Hypocrisy.

  2. One of the biggest areas of improvement of Macs is GAMES, including availability of titles and performance. The last 3 people told me that Mac’s weaknesses in games is the primary reason is the #1 reason they will not consider a Mac. The benchmark tests on 3D graphics for the Mac are embarassing at best. The primitive one-button mouse Apple obstinately holds on to just adds salt to the wound for gaming

  3. iMaki:

    OS X runs multi-button configs natively now, so the single-button complaint is obsolete. But gamers will never like Macs because they wanna build their own boxes. Let ’em knock themselves out… some will get over it.

    [air] = gamers stink up the air in a room anyhoo ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  4. That’s pretty great overall, the next round of updates ought to be interesting for tests like these.

    I am dissapointed to see that we’re always falling behind in gaming, but the major factor (keyword: FACTOR) that contributes to our lack of impressive gaming graphics is neglegence of developers.

  5. I agree that the only *real* problem the Mac platform has now is the lack of games. I think with the Mini’s success, more games will come to the Mac. But also, I think Apple should offer a two button mouse as an option. THat would help…

  6. Well, gaming is where apple is behind (and any serious CAD package too) but it’s the area where they can do the least to get even or ahead. Anything short of buying out ATI isn’t going to get them great graphics cards faster, and they won’t make their own games either….so what can apple do???

  7. LOL… from a sales and psychological perspective, “lack of games” is a smokescreen, an objection to be over come. Very rarely is that a “true” reason not to make a decision.

  8. I bet Steve Jobs does not play computer games.
    And that is why Apple has put no emphasis on gaming.

    I wonder if he is too old.

    If Steve was a big gamer you can bet that there would be some better/faster gaming macs out there.

  9. If you’re going to spend good money on a Pro machine to serve your gaming taste, you deserve the G5’s pitiful 3d execution. Chrissake, when are we going to move away from the teen gaming angst and see the G5PM as a work horse with gaming as a secondary or even tertiary capability?

  10. Someone make Jobs sit down and play some real computer games on a Mac and then on one of the PCs tested.
    He will be surely ashamed at the weak performance by the Mac.

    Games are the one of the main reasons why the Apple will never get more market share.

    Our neighbor has a PC. Was thinking of a Mac. His kids said no way. They got a new 3 GHz Peecee.
    Games rule.

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