RUMOR: Apple prepping Bluetooth iPod?

“Mac4Ever is reporting that a Motorola product manager in France has ‘accidentally’ confirmed that Apple is going to introduce an iPod with built-in Bluetooth (ostensibly for wirelessly streaming audio to your car stereo or something along those lines),” Engadget reports.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Indications from around the “Mac Web” are pointing to something(s) coming from Apple this Tuesday. An iPod with built-in Bluetooth would allow for, among other things, short-range personal broadcasts: i.e. your own “radio station” in a car, subway car, house, plane, schoolroom, etc.

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    [Sorry, couldn’t resist. It’s been such a long time since I’ve heard anyone say that…]

  2. New PB’s this tuesday? What is this… I just ordered mine on wednesday, sigh.. atleast it hasn’t gotten here yet. I’ll just ship it back and order a new one on tuesday…

  3. well .. wireless headphones for iPod that would be cool indeed .. especially if you could use them for your mobile phone as well if needed to take a call and they could interoperate. … just i am not sure if bluetooth has enough bandwidth for a good quality stereo sound / somebody with more knowledge could maybe answer this

  4. i just dont see point of BT ipods. hooking up with a wire is more reliablle and i can only assume faster. wireless headphones would be cool, but not enough to get me to upgrade from my 3G.

  5. Wireless earbuds?!

    According to , Bluetooth 1.0 can transfer at the rate of 1Mbps and Bluetooth 2.0+ can do 3Mbps.

    The specs for audio CDs are:
    Sample rate: 44.1 kHz
    Channels: 2 (stereo)
    Bits per sample, per channel: 16
    Levels per sample: 65,536
    Total data rate (Mb/s): 1.4112

    Conclusion, Bluetooth 1.0 is capable of squeaking out near CD quality, but Bluetooth 2.0 would clearly be the choice for quality audio streaming to wireless earbuds or to wirelessly connect the iPod to a car stereo.

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