Sirius CEO Karmazin looks to add satellite radio to Apple iPod; no deal – yet

“Mel Karmazin is fixing to put Howard Stern – in iPods. The Sirius boss revealed yesterday that he has held talks with Apple CEO Steve Jobs about striking a partnership. A deal has not materialized – yet. But the Sirius CEO is keeping the window open for a future pairing with iPod or another digital music player,” Phyllis Furman writes for The New York Daily News. “‘My assumption is that all MP3 players will have satellite radio,’ Karmazin told a crowd of media execs yesterday at a conference sponsored by McGraw Hill.”

“Karmazin, the former Viacom No. 2 who recently took over at Sirius, sees a future beyond Sirius’ core business of beaming satellite radio to cars… Sirius is currently building a studio for the shock-jock at the company’s headquarters on the 36th floor of the McGraw Hill Building. Karmazin also said Sirius has taken over a space on the street level of the building that could be used to showcase products,” Furman writes.

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  1. So, what’s the deal with Howard Stern? I mean big friggin deal. Everyone who talks about satellite radio, the first thing they mention is Howard Stern. He’s still puking out the same old schtick as when I listened to him 7 years ago. Again, big friggin deal.

  2. Wishful thinking, but that’s what CEO announcements are for. Does he really think Shuffles and other “stick” players will have phased-array antennas? Secondary receivers for the ground repeaters? Displays capable of channel title, song title, artist, AND the usual controls? How about preset buttons for the hundred-plus channels? And of course, battery capacity to keep all of these ready at an instant?

    I could see an “iPod PhotoMax” with music, video, and satellite. Anything smaller and you’re in smartphone territory- it’s taken years to get them right.

    The other alternative is a MyFi with a hard drive wedged in. Much simpler (logistically), but I doubt it would break into the mainstream.

  3. I like Howard and would like to be able to listen to him. However, I don’t think Sirius’ satellite footprint extends to Japan. So even tho I am a gadget freak this is regrettably a probably non-issue for me.

  4. I listen to my iPod primarily at work. I can’t get FM radio or my cell phone to work in the building. Would a satellite radio signal reach me? (I can’t help but notice that in the commercial where a guy takes his XM to work, his desk is right next to huge window and on an upper floor.)

  5. First, Jack A makes a good point. Satellite radio won’t work for the rest of the world, making it kind of a silly thing to add.

    Second, the iPod is about my personal music–not someone else’s. So, while Sirius might have great commercial-free music channels, their music selection is certainly not as good as mine because mine includes all my favorite music. Their selection probably contains all my favorite music, but it also contains a bunch of crap which is someone else’s favorite music.

    I don’t see how adding Sirius Satellite Radio is a benefit. Hell, I’d rather see Apple add an AM/FM Tuner–at least I can get local news and info–before they add Sirius or XM. Not that I think adding an AM/FM Tuner would be a good idea, either.

    Here’s a crazy thought. If adding Sirius to an iPod is such a good idea, Mr. Karmazin, why don’t you talk to the nice folks at Belkin about building one that plugs into the iPod?

  6. I think it’s a good idea because one problem I have with the ipod is it’s hard to find good sources of new music. (ignoring shared playlists which require you to search and explore and be tied to a computer) Combined with Itunes channels on satellite with narrow/deep focused styles, when you hear a song you like you could press a button to have it purchase and sync with your library the next time you are at a computer. (or even that instant if possible.)

  7. I think I went through several walkmans in my life. One of them had FM tuner. I thought it was a feature I want at the time I bought it. It did not get much use, because I took small FM radio when I wanted a radio and took smaller (and falling apart) walkman without radio when I wanted to listen to tape. I also wasn’t sure if I was allowed to use the combo unit while in flight (is radio really off when it is playing tape?)

    Instead of adding Satillite radio to iPod, may be Apple should consider providing Satellite radio that looks like iPod shuffle. Same control buttons, but slightly different function. Volume control is same. Skip song will become change channel. The shuffle vs. playlist switch will switch number of channels available, on one setting all the channels will be available. On the other setting limited set of channels will available, which are selected while it is connected to a computer through USB.

    However, I probably won’t buy such radio. I still am not sure why I would ever want Satellite radio….

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