iTunes Bottlecap Map 2.0 now online, first reported 2005 iTunes Pepsi winner comes from Los Angeles

It’s baaack… iPod Garage’s iTunes Bottlecap Map version 2.0 is now available online:

Yeah, yeah, so it’s kind of an empty map at the moment. But that’s what happens when you have reports of only one winner in a nation of 295 million people. What’s that you say, the contest hasn’t even officially started yet? Well, you’re right. It seems that Pepsi is trying to make up for last year’s later-than-late rollout of eligible bottlecaps by this time flooding the market early. And hey, we like this map stuff, so we’ll take it.

It’s probably worth noting that this year’s first Los Angeles-area winner comes a mere nine months after the bottlecaps first arrived on the west coast last year. Last year, for some incoherent reason, Pepsi flooded the East Coast with such a disproportionate number of iTunes bottlecaps that it’s almost as if the West Coasters didn’t even get to play. I mean, first there’s having to watch Monday Night Football at 6:00 in the evening, and now this. What’s next? Smog?

It would seem that if Pepsi’s going to get it wrong again this year, it’s going to do so by flooding those poor Westernites with more eligible bottlecaps than they know what to do with. But no matter how it pans out, the iPod Garage will be right here to map it out for you, yellow dots and all (and we can’t wait to see how the other iPod sites go about trying to copy us this year). So any time an iTunes bottlecap comes into your possession, just use the form below to let us know about it, and you’ll get to your hometown lit up with a little yellow dot. Or if you win with a Big Gulp or a Slurpee, a blue dot. Or if you’re a loser, a brown dot. And since Mountain Dew is said to officially be part of this year’s competition, we’ll be giving special recognition to fellow caffeine addicts by using a special green dot. Because we think y’all remember what happened last year with the whole Mountain Dew thing. If not, just check eBay, it might still be for sale.

See, we’ve got everything covered here in 2005. Now there’s just that small issue of a nearly empty map to deal with — but that’s where you come in. So shout at us by using the contact form below, and we’ll have the 2005 iTunes Bottlecap Map filled with as many little dots as it can hold in no time.

The iTunes Bottlecap Map 2.0 is here.

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  1. Los Angeles? Cool! Definitely making it up to Los Angeles for last year.
    If Mini’s and shuffle’s become scarce in stores you can make a map for stores that have them in stock. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

  2. I think Bill Palmer has cooled down and realized he was over the top a bit. I usually like reading what he writes and he has some interesting angles on things a lot of the time. Guess he decided to eat his crow in silence…alone…at home…in a closet…with the lights off. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

    Anyway, wrong he was about the mini coming out and I hope he is wrong how well it will do too and he says that HE hopes he is wrong also so I guess we are in agreement again.

  3. holy crap was last year’s giveaway screwed up in Los Angeles.

    We didn’t start seeing bottles till the last two weeks of the giveaway.. i won more after it was over than when it was going on – and i drink about 3 diet pepsi’s a day – so it was a bunch of songs.

  4. Bill Palmer’s rant against the mac mini was so over the top, so angrily, violently hateful, spiteful and selfcentred that I cannot ever respect anything he writes again.

  5. Davey’s rant against Bill Palmer was so over the top, so angrily, violently hateful, spiteful and selfcentred that I cannot ever respect anything he writes again.

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