CNET Editor gets his very own Apple Mac mini

“I’m definitely not one to shop till you drop, but I snapped up a Mini Mac on Saturday morning–at a mall, no less. You know, just to feel good,” Jeff Pelline writes for CNET News. “‘Why?’ my wife asked, when I got home, holding my son with one hand and my ‘headless’ Mac–in its own little box with a handle–in the other. (No need for a bag–that’s my style). ‘Oh, why not.’ Look, one of my favorite mottos is ‘spon-tan-i-e-ty.'”

“It didn’t break the bank either–for $499 I got a computer, DVD player and quickly built a home media center with our existing HDTV. (Oh, and I got to download iLife ’05 on my other Mac, a $79 “value.”) This play toy also fulfilled my curiosity–as a consumer and a journalist,” Pelline writes. “I plugged my ‘headless’ Mac into the Sharp HDTV in the living room, and in no time Mitchell was watching ‘Finding Nemo’ and ‘Dora the Explorer’ on the ‘big screen.’ The DVI connection heightened the picture quality. Later we listened to music from ‘Ralph’s World’ from the pint-size Mac, courtesy of an iPod. We navigated with a wireless keyboard and mouse, borrowed from my desktop Mac… [This] lesson from Apple should be taken seriously. Steve Jobs is a college dropout, not an MBA. But (unlike many MBAs) Steve is smart enough to know that if you build good products and market them, people will come–they’ll even line up in front of your store on weekends.”

“I know we’ll get our money’s worth from the Mini. I can plug it into a mall flat-panel TV in the kitchen, and take it to Lake Tahoe, or to work,” Pelline writes.

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  1. I also picked up my Mac mini today and carried that sweet little box home. I loaded on iLife 5 on my G4 iMac and disconnected my 7600 Mac, jazz drive, two old hard disks, and old Apple CD burner all of which are about to be trashed.

    And low and behold my Sony monitor, key board, mouse are born again and I’ve got all kinds of desktop room.

  2. I won’t be able to pick up a Mac Mini yet, (snowstorm and lack of funds) but I did pull out my old Macintosh Plus to show my daughter how far computers have come. She got a kick out of seeing it, but became quickly bored, plus, I noticed the ‘N’ key doesn’t work anymore. However, I think I can fix that, and there’s a website the offers downloads of old Mac programs for the original Macs, so I’ll be experimenting with that old Mac Plus for S&G’s. I plan to get a Mac Mini for my daughter, who’s been itching to replace her old PowerMac 6116 in her bedroom. I’ll have to get it with the Airport installed, because I won’t run wires to her room. I can’t wait to see one for myself.

    Broguht to you by “leave”, as in Leave that old Wintel mess behind!

  3. This is the thing the stupid pundits don’t get! this is why the mac mini might be the most important mac ever released.

    Magic word-set as in Set to explode!! let’s go Apple

  4. Hey Dak…

    Theres also a website that specializes in old “Abandon-ware” games for old Macs…. you can check it out .. here…. Lots of the old games you may remember, and even some you may not…

    But, if you grab a few of those, it might even impress your daughter !!

    Good Luck !!

  5. Got mine today.

    Mac OS X and all these preloaded apps are awesome. My daughter has a G3 iBook, but since she is away at college, I barely get to play with it.

    The Mini is the perfect machine for 90% of the computer using world – emailing, web surfng, burning CD’s, importing photos, record keeping, basic word processing, etc.

    It blows away my Pentium III, Windows XP machine.

    All those naysayers HAVE NO IDEA what they are missing.

  6. Yep, so we trekked up to the San Francisco store again today, after being told last week that iPod Shuffles (1Gb model) would be in stock.

    Alas, still not available. Guess the employees got them all first. The guy at the desk suggests we look at the Mac mini instead. Nice try sunshine.

    (yes, we had tried to call beforehand, but no answer – they must’ve been busy!)

  7. Man, maybe I need to rethink things here. My oldest kid’s been bugging me to death to get him a new computer–he’s stuck using a ’99 era iBook and my oooold original PM 6100 (with G3 upgrade–woo hoo!). I hadn’t really thought of getting a new machine, but honestly I’ve got a 17″ monitor and several keyboard/mouses around. If I doubled the RAM and put in airport, this thing would still cost just around $600 and would be a great computer for the kiddies….. Hmmm.

  8. Quality. Umm… is this today’s word?

    Loving the momentum. Anyone else notice that there seem to have been many who wanted to use Macs, only to switch when the price lowered? Is there a message there?

  9. Excellent and funny too!

    This is the sort of press Apple has been after for years!

    Looks like the mac mini is gonna be used for all sorts of things!

    Now – if only they made a G5 version…

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