NBA bans Apple iPods during on-court pregame warm-ups

“For Vince Carter, yesterday was the day the music died – at least during pregame warm-ups. The mercurial star with the Toronto Raptors, who has not exactly sprinted out of the starting blocks this season, received more damaging news yesterday when the National Basketball Association determined his portable stereo unit is off limits in warm-ups,” Robert MacLeod reports for The Globe and Mail. “The 27-year-old shooting guard had been listening to music on his trendy iPod on the basketball court during pregame warm-ups, chilling privately with his tunes while practising jump shots with his teammates.”

MacLeod reports, “Yesterday, the NBA said Carter’s quest for inner peace through his headphones did not conform to the league guidelines on proper attire on the court. The league has asked him to put the music player away. ‘Vince isn’t allowed to be wearing the iPod,’ said Brian McIntyre, the NBA’s senior vice-president of basketball communications. ‘You won’t be seeing him wearing it again in the future.’ Carter was shocked when told the news yesterday afternoon after practice. The Raptors, who have two games left in a six-game road trip, will play the Los Angeles Clippers at the Staples Center tonight. ‘Why?’ an uncomprehending Carter said. ‘Oh, Lord!'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Fascists.


  1. In the spirit of the U2 iPod Apple could create iPods with team logos ont the wheel… Basketballs, hockey pucks, baseballs, footballs, RedSox logos, etc. And then charge the NBA, etc. for doing their advertising…

    The real reason Vince was scolded was the NBA wasn’t getting any $$$$$$ for him wearing something identifiable. Next, the NBA will start charging dentists fees because players have teeth…

  2. Temporary tattoos that advertise a product are not allowed by the NBA – a company tried to get players to wear them a few years ago.

    True, the NBA dress code is about partly about money – there’s also an image component, but the iPod isn’t diminishing that, esp in warmups. It’s the right business move by the NBA to make sure the the league as a whole benefits from the advertisment of products at their games or using their brand.

    I love the NBA, but I don’t want to see team iPods. I like the idea of Branded iPods, but there should be very few kinds to maintain some level of prestige.

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